How to get unlimited free UC in PUBG Mobile


Free uc for pubg mobileFree UC in PUBG mobile – If you are a regular visitor of this website then you will know that i have not posted anything for a very long time this is because i was busy researching few new things for you.

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Without wasting your time let’s get into our main topic which is  how to get unlimited free UC in PUBG mobile.

PUBG Mobile is the most popular game in India right now! Everyone is playing PUBG whether they are a teenage or a office going person. Its addiction seems to be endless.

Today i asked a boy “r bhai kya chal raha hai” with a hope of getting “india mai fog chal raha hai” but instead he said “abhi toh bs PUBG  chal raha hai”

I was shocked for a moment later I realise that every 10 out of 8 teenage boy is a PUBG addict.

At first I used to believe that only boys are PUBG addict but later I found that girls are addicted to this game too, maybe they are claiming their equality right.

How to get unlimited UC for free in PUBG mobile

The best thing about PUBG is, it is completely free to play and fair for everyone but you can only get exclusive outfits, cosmetics, gun skins and more if you spend money on it.

But, not everyone wants to spend money on a game or some may not be able to afford as they are students or not having that much money.

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Today, I’ve got a bunch of tips and tricks which will answer your question “How to get FREE UC in PUBG Mobile?“.

Unknown Cash which is also known as UC cash, is the most expensive in-game currency in PUBG Mobile. It can only be bought by using real money. 60UC is worth ₹80 (approx.) which is very expensive for any student or casual free to play gamers.

Also, at 60UC can’t get any premium outfit or skins. You need atleast hundreds of UC to make any use of it.

How to get free UC in PUBG Mobile

To be honest there are actually no way to get UC for absolutely free.

Always remember, nothing is free in life. Even the 10 rupees lays packet has 2 rupees lays and 8 rupees air in it (just kidding)

although you got my point, even if you don’t have to invest money, you have to invest some time and your effort to get something.

But, I’ve got some genuine ways by which you can earn Free UC in PUBG Mobile. I’ll also be talking about Hacks and exploits. Do PUBG UC Hack works or worth it? Comment your opinion below.

Method 1: Free Google Play Gift cards or google play CreditsHow to get unlimited UC for free in PUBG mobile

One of the most legit and simple way is to earn free Google Play Gift cards or credits which can be further used to purchase UC in PUBG Mobile.

I have mentioned below some of the apps which are best for earning free google play gift card or credits

  1. Google Opinion Regards
  2. AppNana
  3. AppKarma

Google Opinion Rewards

There are lots of good apps to earn but, in this post, we will be taking in detail about Google Opinion Rewards.

Because first, you have to spend least amount of time in this app and you get more out of it.

Second thing i like about this app is all you have to do is complete surveys you get and get rewards in return. Yeah it is that simple.

Let’s first know about Google Opinion Rewards.

Google opinion rewards is an app which allows users to take surveys in exchange for compensation(google play Credits). The app is now available for both Android and iOS.

How to install google opinion rewards

1st step: First download and install google opinion rewards from play store it is totally free.

2nd step: Then press next or skip and then select a Gmail id in which you want your credit.

3rd step: Accept their terms of service.

4th step: Enter your first and last name, your area postal code and select your country, and the press continue.

5th step: select your age, your gender and language (select both even if you don’t know any one of them)

6th step: Now the app will ask for location it is recommended to turn it on or you can choose not to.

7th step: now complete the survey, remember try to give correct answers ans they want to know if you are human or bot.
You won’t be getting any rewards for this survey as it is a test.

How to use play credits to buy UC?

When you have enough credit in your account, open PUBG mobile game and head over to UC section now buy the pack the of UC depending upon the amount of credit in your account.

Select the pack and continue to payment, in payment section select google play balance and continue your transaction.

Apart from opinion rewards there are many other apps in the play store which you are welcome to try.

google opinion reward history

What if you are not getting any survey in opinion rewards?

If you are not getting any survey the this is because you keep your location turned off whenever you travel.

Keep your location on when you visit new place it increases your chance of getting more rewards.

If you are still not getting any surveys then head over to help and feedback and then send your feedback mentioning that you are not getting enough surveys this might help.



The download and installation process of this app is same as Google opinion reward.

After downloading open the app and register yourself with email id and a password.

Hear your main target is to earn nanas which in return will help you to to exchange them for gift cards from which you can buy free UC in PUBG mobile.

Use the invitation code below to earn extra 2500 Nanas

Invitation code j30400755

You can either install apps mention their or watch videos to earn more Nanas.

I know it is time taking but as I already told you nothing is free.


This app also provide you google play card in return you have to do some tasks mention there.

In redeem section make sure to select United Kingdom as you can get gift card for 9000 Karma points while in other countries you have to pay more Karma points.

You can either download it from the Play Store or use the link given below to download AppKarma

Use reffer code joydeepmandal to ho get 300 karma points.

These are some of many apps which will help you earn google play credits which you can use to buy free UC in PUBG mobile.

In my upcoming articles i will also bring a list of all the apps which will help you earn money, which you can either invest somewhere else or you can use it to buy UC in PUBG mobile.

Method 2: Offers in Your Google Play Account

play store credit

Sometimes Google Play Store gives you some free credits or some other offers to spend them on your apps/games of your choice which is for selected users only.

Make sure you check all of your Google accounts to get benefitted by them! Here’s how to check:

First open Google Play Store -> Tap on 3 Lines on the top-left corner -> click notification

If there are any offer available for you you will get notifications about it here.

If you see any offer click CLAIM NOW

Now open Google Play Store -> Tap on 3 Lines on the top-left corner -> Tap on “Account” -> Go to the rewards section

Here you can see if there is any offer to buy UC in PUBG Mobile. it’s the best way to get a heavy discount.

That’s How to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile without doing task anything but just checking offers in your Google Play Account.

As you can see in the screenshot above, I’ve got Free ₹75 credit to spend on PUBG Mobile! You can even get Free ₹140 Offer In your Google account.

Tip: check older Google emails or those which you don’t usually use. Those accounts have higher chances of getting a good offer to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile

Method 3: WeGame for PUBG Mobile

How to get unlimited UC for free in PUBG mobile

This is not a game modifier game which will ban your account so there is nothing to be afraid of.

This app is designed for PUBG Mobile players not for PUBG Mobile lite players.

You can check your stats, friends online status, chat with other PUBG players and many more exciting features.

It optimise other processes and boost your game which will help in reducing lag in the game.

How will this app help getting UC?

I know some of you may have download it before but didn’t found anything so you have uninstalled it.

at first I would like to mention that this is a limited time offer so go act now.

Download WeGame for PUBG Mobile from play store and login with your Facebook account.

This offer cannot be redeemed from guest account so login with Facebook only

After logging in click on Boost & Launch to launch your game.

Make sure in the lobby you give authorisation to finish linking your WeGame app with your game.

Now go to chat section -> Daily Flash -> Festival -> Now complete the daily missions to exchange PUBG gifts.

After completing the missions click on lucky draw and try your luck if you are lucky enough you will get UC for sure.

Otherwise the drumsticks are also worth getting as if you had offered to redeem section in Daily Flash you will see that you can get a a frame for 200 drumsticks

You will get the frame in the app not in the game.

*This offer is only for Indian accounts so if you are from any other countries then first change your country to India then proceed.

These are the methods by which you can earn UC for free if i get to know about more methods i will definitely add them to this list.

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Method 4: India bonus challenge

bonous challenge in pubg mobile

Yes you read it right India bonus challenge is going to give you unlimited UC only based on your game skills.

Yes you play it every week earn some points and then what you forget about it.

But the points which you earn can be redeemed for UC.

The higher the points you earn in the game the higher amount of UC you are going to get.

How to earn more points?

It is all about survival the longer you survive and the most number of enemies you kill, will help you getting more points.

There are few things you should keep in mind to survive longer:

1. Don’t take unnecessary fights
2. Stay away from hot drop areas
3. Keep smoke grenade with you
4. Choose your weapon wisely
5. Engage only when you are confirm of a kill.
6. Run and hide from hard situations and don’t die early.
7. Always keep a vehicle with you.

If you follow these steps I can’t guarantee you will get a chicken dinner but you will definitely rank on top 10.

Finish Novice Guide and get 100 Battle Coins and 1 Bonus Challenge Voucher which will help you to participate in Novice Challenge (worth 10 UC) for Free

1. You should be above Level 20 and Bronze V to register for India Bonus Challenge

2. Each day is divided into 6 seasons, each of which lasts for 2 hours. You can register for only 1 level at each season; you can register for the same one or another one at the next season, which means you can join for 6 matches in 1 day at most.

3. Each 2-hour session will include 1 hr registration, 2 min system assign room time, 10 min for you to enter the room and 48 min game time

4. You can register for 3 different levels – Novice (10 UC), Adept (20 UC) and Expert (30 UC). Tickets can be exchanged in Battle shop and 1 ticket is equivalent to 10 UC, which means you have to consume 3 tickets or 30 UC if you want to register for the 30 UC level Bonus Challenge

5. You can earn points depending on the level you register for.

(i) In Novice (10 UC) level you can earn up to 300 points + 15 points for every kill

(ii) In Adept (20 UC) level you can earn up to 1000 points + 30 points for every kill

(iii) In Expert (30 UC) level you can earn up to 1500 points + 45 points for every kill

6. In Bonus Challenge, 1 point = 1 Battle Coin and Actual Points earned = Ranking Points + (Points per kill * no. of kills)

7. You can redeem Rare Items and UC Packs in Battle Shop by exchanging Battle Coins

I will suggest you to go for adept as it will have a decent amount of reward without spending too much.

When you open for first time you get a ticket for free the another one can be redeemed from the reward section with the 100 battle coins you have.

You can go for 100 UC for 1000 points and 500 UC for 4500 points.
Its better to earn more points then redeem instead of redeeming instantly.

This never ends you can play as many game as you want and points and with those points you can get free UC in PUBG mobile.

Methods you must never try

Method 1: PUBG Mobile Free UC Hacks and Glitches.

uc hacks

I understand that you need UC badly but this is not the right way to get it.

Even if you hack your game you will be banned immediately so you won’t be able to enjoy them.

There are thousands of websites on the web that claim to give you Unlimited Free UC in PUBG Mobile.

If you’re thinking about how to get free UC in PUBG Mobile using Hacks. Then, forget it! That’s just scam or fraud to steal your personal info also a waste of your time.

Nobody can send UC into anyone’s account.
Until and unless you buy from some website.

PUBG Mobile Free UC Generators

Free UC Generators usually ask your Username and the device platform of your smartphone and claims that they can send you the UC or BP.

Entering your username which they won’t even verify if correct or not and then selecting the device platform will trigger another step.

The generator will ask you how much UC you want to load into your account for free.

Then as a final step to send the free UC to your PUBG Mobile account, it will ask you to verify if you are a human using a survey which can never be completed.

So who is benefited in this process? You, of course not.

Itsy how the website make money through ads and wastes your precious time.

So, never trust any third-party website which guarantees to give you Free UC in PUBG Mobile.

Simply, that’s not possible to do changes in an online game’s server without being owner or staff of that game.

Method 2: Free reward websites

This is what i was amazed of. Out of curiosity i made a similar website which says it will give free rewards like premium clothes UCs and gun skins.

And in the first 3 hours of making and sharing it on WhatsApp i got about 48 email along with their passwords.

I deleted the website immediately, but i was shocked to see the statistic of that website.

I just launched it for 3 hours and got such result then think how many results other such websites are getting who are sharing regularly just to grab the Gmail IDs and passwords.

Please stay away from such websites in WhatsApp and other messaging platforms where they say that PUBG mobile started a new event.

PUBG officials will never give away any premium set for free to you only by sharing it in other platforms.

Here is the link to one such websites:


In this article i have mentioned 4 methods by which you can get free UC in PUBG mobile.
This isn’t all in my upcoming articles i will bring earning apps by which you can earn real money and exchange it for UC cash.

I will also bring an article on how you can watch Netflix movies and TV shows for free.

All you need to do is subscribe to this website and have patience.

If this article helped you share this with your friends and help them earn free UC.

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