How to rank up fast in PUBG Mobile: reach Conqueror in 5 days



Rank up fast in PUBG Mobile – If you are here then this means, you have demoted to a lower rank or lower league i.e. from crown to diamond or from diamond to platinum or to a much lower league.

How to rank up fast in PUBG Mobile: reach Conqueror in 7 days
All your hard work to reach the highest rank has failed.
After the end of every season, everyone’s rank has to be reset.
And now you are finding ways to reach crown or conqueror in season 8 also.
You do not need to be angry about it as this happens after every season but the challenge is to rise up again and reach higher league in this season also.
In this article, I will tell you all the things that you need to do to get to the higher league again in very less time.
However, for that let’s go over some few basic things which will help us later.
You know that every league has 5 tires like those that the bronze league has Bonze tire 5, Bonze tire 4, Bonze tire 3, Bonze tire 2 and Bonze tire 1.
Similarly, silver, gold and all others have the same except conqueror.
Moreover, you need 100 points to go from 1 tire to another I mean from gold 2 to gold 1.
Caution: This might bore you but it is worth mentioning
Now let us assume that you are at gold tire 5 and you are planning to reach crown 5 that means you have to cross platinum and diamond to reach the crown, and make lets a deadline of 7 days.
To reach platinum 5 from gold 5 you need 500 points and from platinum 5 to diamond 5 you need 500 points and again from diamond 5 to crown 5 you will need 500 points.
In total, you need 1500 points to reach crown 5 from gold 5.
Mathematically speaking, you are going to need 214 points each day to achieve your target. (1500/7=214)
Now let’s assume in an average you get 15 points from each match you play (gold give you more points than diamond and crown that’s why I have taken an average)
So in order to achieve your target, you need to play at least 15 matches every day with 15 points in each match (214/15=14.2 or 15)
If you want to achieve your target in less time then you have to play more matches each day.
Now that you know how many matches, you need to play each day, let us talk about how you can get more points.

How to get more points

Now Here I will tell you how to get more points in very less time so that you can get to higher league quickly.
There are two modes:
  1. Arcade mode and,
  2. Classic mode
Both are very useful in the gameplay and both the modes are going to help you. Here is how?
I know arcade does not give you points but you have to practice in arcade mode to get more kills or to survive longer.
The better you practice the best you will do in classic where you can earn more points.
The points in classic mode depend on two factors:
  1. Kills, and
  2. Survival
Kills can get you 20% of the points + survival gets 100% of points.
Therefore, you need to focus on survival more, then focusing on getting kills.
Each match in Miramar last about 40 minutes and a match last for about 30 minutes in Sanhok.

Requirements to rank up fast in PUBG

  1. Good Internet connection
  2. Good device
  3. Good communicating squad
  4. Some luck, and
  5. And a lot of time

So how to rank up fast in PUBG

Before you, start pushing up you must decide whether you want to rank up in
  • Solo
  • Duo or
  • Squad
It is better to select a duo or squad as your teammates can save your ass in hard times.
After you choose a mode in which you want to push you, need to decide whether you want to play in TPP or FPP, select what goes good for you and in which you are good at.

Steps to rank up fast in PUBG

1. Choose a map:

Decide which map you want to play in because you have four options Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.
How to rank up fast in PUBG Mobile: reach Conqueror in 7 days
Everyone chooses Erangel because everyone likes it, but you do not have to go for Erangel.
You can either go for Miramar or Sanhok because you will get many bots in Miramar but on an average a match last for about 40 minutes or more.
While on the other hand, you get most of the real players in Sanhok than bots but usually, a match takes 25 to 30 minutes.
Therefore, you can play many matches in Sanhok but you can survive longer in Miramar, you decide which one you want to choose and proceed accordingly.

2. Play safe: 

How to rank up fast in PUBG Mobile: reach Conqueror in 7 days
Keep in mind that your main goal is to survive longer than to get more kills so do not drop in hot zones avoid those places and ply safe till the end.

3. Stay until the end:

How to rank up fast in PUBG Mobile: reach Conqueror in 7 days
If you die early and your team survives, you will still get low points as you died early. So it is best to stay together and survive till the end and get a chicken dinner if possible to get more points.
It is better not to take up unnecessary fights and use grenade instead of shooting.

4. Play with friends:

How to rank up fast in PUBG Mobile: reach Conqueror in 7 days
Playing with friends gives you an advantage when your enemies are rushing toward you, your friends will give you cover when you are low on health.
So you should play with your trusted friends instead of random players.

5. The number of  kills matters: 

How to rank up fast in PUBG Mobile: reach Conqueror in 7 days

Do you know how your total rating is decided? If you don’t know let me explain it to you.

Total Rating= Survival Rating + 20% of kill Rating.

Assume that you get a survival rating of 20 and kill rating of 30 then your total rating will be 23+(30/100*20) that is 29.
So if your kill rating is negative your total rating will decrease, this is why at least one or two kills are necessary.

6. Reach Conqueror tier:

How to rank up fast in PUBG Mobile: reach Conqueror in 7 days
Only 500 players can be on the conqueror tire so if you want to be on the Conqueror tier then you need to play much to hold your position. It is not hard but it takes time to reach Conqueror tier.
You can calculate how many matches you need to play each day to reach Conqueror tier from your current tire.
what if you were knocked out in the starting of the match,  your points will decrease very much.

 In that case, you should immediately leave the game and go to the lobby before you are killed completely.

By doing so your points will not decrease at all as it won’t be counted as a match you played. and it will not show in the career option.

this is a secret tip that no one will ever tell you but as you are my loved readers I would love to see you push your rank higher.
Now I hope you know how you can reach the higher league in less time so what are you waiting for start calculating and go into the battlefield to achieve your target.
All the best and I would love to see you in Conqueror tier.
If this article helped you and inspired you to play well sharing with your friends will be highly appreciated and help them to reach Conqueror tier also otherwise you will be alone up there.



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