How to Download WhatsApp Status on your smartphone

How to Download WhatsApp Status – On February 24, 2017, it was WhatsApp’s 8th birthday when ‘status’ feature has been introduced which is very similar to Snapchat and Facebook stories. In status, you can upload photos or videos that will disappear after 24 hours.
How to Download WhatsApp Status
Everyone liked it and everyone is using it for showing their every day’s story on WhatsApp. Now the problem is WhatsApp does not allow you to download the status, which is posted by others so there is no direct way to download WhatsApp status.
If you liked someone’s status then you have to either screenshot it or have to request the person to give you that, which is sometimes awkward because you may not have talked to them before but you liked something they posted in their status.
In that case, you have no option but to leave it without taking to them and asking for that amazing photo or video.
However, after reading this article I Joydeep Mandal promise you that you will not have to ask anyone for that status which you wished to download because in this article I will tell you all possible ways by which you can easily save the images or videos.
(asking them can be one)

Methods to Download WhatsApp Status

Before going into the methods first of all comment below the method you use to save the status of someone then read the methods.
  • First method:

The first and easiest way is to take a screenshot of that picture. Taking screenshot is very easy; all you have to do is to press the power button + volume down button to take a screenshot. (it can be different for different devices)
However, if there is any text written above the picture then you have to pinch out to make the text disappear. (refer the gif below to understand better)
I know with this method you cannot save videos but it is the simplest way to save images.

  • 2nd method:

In the above method you can’t save videos as you can not screen shot it but always remember that when there is a will there is a way.

so if you have the will to save a video you have to download any screen recorder which will record the video then you can re use it.

(i know you might not have thought of it but it a be a way too.)

but if you think the recording then editing then re-posting is a time taking (i know it is for lazy person like me) then the next method is for you and it is also shocking.

  • 3rd method: 

Whenever you see any images or play any video in WhatsApp, it is saved in your device local storage within the WhatsApp folder.
Didn’t knew about this right (unless you are a MI user).
Ever wondered where all the status you have seen are saved
(of course it is not in the gallery otherwise you would have seen it)
if you don’t know then it is saved inside a hidden folder inside your phone and it delete automatically after 24 hours
To see hidden files go to your file manager than tap on menu or on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the screen and select “Show Hidden Files”.
After doing this go to WhatsApp folder –> Media –>.Statuses folder
If you cannot see .status folder make sure you have selected Show Hidden Files”.
Here in this folder, you will find all the status that you have seen in the app from here you can either Copy or move the photos or videos you wish to save on any other folder and there they will be saved.
And it will also be visible in your gallery. Easy right? The next method in much easier than this.
Step by step procedure:
  1. Turn on the Internet and then Open WhatsApp
  2. Go to Status option beside chats and see the status you wish to download
  3. Now open File Manager
  4. Then Go to Settings and Then from menu select  “Show Hidden Files”
  5. Then go to Folder: WhatsApp –> than Media –> than .statuses folder
  6. here you will see all your contact’s Status you have seen
  7. All you need to do is Copy/Move that File and paste it in another folder
  8. And That’s all!!! You have successfully downloaded the status.

Third method:

“Story Saver for WhatsApp” App is a very useful app and it does half of the work because you need to do the other half by yourself, which is selecting which one you want to download.Now let’s see how’s this App works.
Step 1: First of all, download and install Story Saver App from Google Play Store on your device.
Downloading is very easy you can use the download buttons to download this app.

Step 2: Grant permission
Step 3: When you will open the app, here you will see all the images and videos of the past 24 hours.
To save any image you can either press it for a long time and after that select multiple images that you want to save and click on save button.
On the other hand, you can open the image you want to save then you will see a + button click on it and you will see many options like save, share, repost, set as and delete.
If you want to save the image in your gallery then select save option.
and If you want to share it with someone then choose the share option.
otherwise you want to set it as your status then select repost and then click on my status and set it as your status.
You can also set the picture as your profile picture or as your wallpaper for then select the ‘set as’ option.
Step by step procedure:
  1. First you need to Download this Application – Download Here
  2. Install this application in your device.
  3. First, you need to watch the Status from the WhatsApp App
  4. After that Open this app, here you will see all your WhatsApp contact’s status both Videos and Pictures.
  5. Press for long time or open the image then click on the + button
  6. Then click on save to save in your gallery.
So, Now I hope you will never need to ask for someone to send you that status you can download it by yourself without any problem.
I believe this article will help you and if it does don’t forget to share it with your friends. Your one share matters a lot and motivates us to write more. Also, do comment on which method you used to use before this article and which method was most useful for you.




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