How to fix Lag and Ping problem in PUBG Mobile

How to fix Lag and Ping problem in PUBG Mobile – Has this ever happened to you that you landed on a place and you can’t see the house, or you are running on the same place for a couple of minutes, or you have pressed the fire button before your enemy but you died first?
If yes then I can feel your pain because just like you I have been suffered from the same problem before today in this article I am going to help you fix this problem to a large extent.

How to fix Lag and Ping problem in PUBG Mobile

Let’s first understand why this problem happens, is it because of the phone specifications or because of the network connection because both of this plays a very important role in improving the performance of your gameplay.

I play on a 2GB RAM phone and I have seen people with 3GB RAM phone or 4GB RAM phone with exactly the same problem so this is not only a RAM problem.
There are other factors also for this problem. This happens because of the ping issue and also because of the rendering effect.
So let’s discuss this in detail and also see how we can fix this problem.
Recently PUBG Mobile successful completed its first anniversary and also included a various update to the game in version 0.11.5 like Dynamic weather has been added to Erangel and Miramar also Added a new weapon: G36C rifle which is available in Vikendi only. along with seasons 6 Royal pass and an 8100 UC glitch.
The developer of PUBG Mobile is focusing more on bringing a new update to the game instead of optimizing the game for low-end devices.
After the addition of Vikendi Map into PUBG Mobile, the lag and ping problem has increased. The main reason is the increase in the size of the game. When PUBG Mobile first introduce it was 1.5 GB in size but with all the updates it became 2.23 GB.

How to fix Lag and Ping problem in PUBG Mobile

You can notice how much the game has evolved over the past year. Then why the increase in size is an increase in the lag problem?
To know this answer you must understand what is ping in online games?
According to Wikipedia Ping refers to the network latency between a player’s client and the game server as measured with the ping utility or equivalent. Have you understood? Because I didn’t.
Let me explain it to you in simple language “Ping” is basically the time a server takes to respond to your action. Which means lesser the ping, the lesser is the time between your pressing of button and server actually acting on it and hence better the gaming experience.
I hope you understood what ping is in PUBG Mobile or on any online game, then what is the reason for higher ping?
While playing any online game the resources or packet of data on your device needed to be sent to the game server for you to play online. So the higher the size of the game the higher time it will take to send the data hence higher ping.
 This is why after they added Vikendi into the game we are facing a lag spike in the game.
Now to understand the lag problem you also need to understand what is rendering effect?
Each player in the game has specific coordinates where they exist on the map. Pings from the server are regularly sent to every single connected device in a match to receive their updated co-ordinate on a frequent basis, the game server then quickly calculate which players are closer to each other.
If player A is near player B then the game will load player A’s character model, track his movement in real time and show it to you.
This is what allows players to see each other take aim and also shoot them.
Characters that are outside of a certain distance from your character will not render and you cannot see them and certainly can’t shoot them.
Let’s understand this better with an example, you might have experience that you are shooting a player and suddenly they disappear from your shooting range, this happens because they are out of our rendering area.

Is rendering worth noticing?

Hell yes, it will help you locate your before they locate you, if you see any unnecessary lag then you must be alert because a character model has just been loaded within your area. It will help you keep an eye out for enemies around you.
Most of the new players tend to crawl on open ground with only the grass to hide near them. When the graphics settings are set on low, the grass patches that are further away are not rendered. Your opponent might think that they are hiding but you’ll be able to spot them easily as you would not be able to see the grass which is helping them to hide.
Generally, the rendering radius is 400 meters around you in all direction. So you can’t see anything happening beyond 400 meters without a 6x or 8x scopes.
Lag and ping are two different factors in the game so I will be discussing the methods to solve both problems separately.

10 Simple and effective ways that can help you fix lag issues In PUBG Mobile.

1. GFX Tool:

GFX tool or you can say Graphics improving tool is the best tool available on play store which can help you to play PUBG on 60 Fps.
How to fix Lag and Ping problem in PUBG Mobile
It also helps to reduce lags as this app provides graphics improvement option like “Smooth” which removes unnecessary graphics loading from the game, you can also disable shadows, it can also help in graphics optimization and thus helping to reduce the rendering lags.
To get the best out of GFX Tool, follow the steps below:-
  1. Open Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Search for GFX Tool and download and install the first one.
  3. Open the GFX Tool and then Select your “Game Version”.
  4. Adjust the graphics mode to “So Smooth”.
  5. Adjust the Graphics resolution to “1280×720”
  6. Choose the Classic style.
  7. Choose “60 FPS”.
  8. Disable Shadows and anti-aliasing
  9. Adjust Rendering Quality to ‘Low’
  10. Disable Light Effects.
  11. Enable “Save Control” settings.
  12. Enable “GPU optimization” which reduces unnecessary effects.
Now click accept and Run the game.
GFX Tool will not completely fix your lag problem but it will definitely help you to improve your PUBG Mobile gameplay experience.
Do note that using GFX tool will not ban your account you can use it without any tension.

2. Uninstall Unnecessary Applications:

There are several unnecessary apps on every phone which does nothing but takes up a lot of space and consume lots of RAM on the background select those unnecessary applications and remove them which would free up your RAM usage and would also free up space on your internal memory.
As the basic requirements of PUBG Mobile are that your device must have at least 2GB RAM. 
So, you must uninstall those unnecessary apps from your device which would free up most of the RAM usage and also clean the space.
To remove the unnecessary applications from your device you can either drag and uninstall or you can follow these steps:-
  1. Go to your “Device Settings”
  2. Click on “Apps” or “Apps Management”
  3. Uninstall all unwanted applications which you do not need.
  4. Restart your device.
This will help you to reduce lags in the PUBG mobile.

3. Install Game Booster:

I know you don’t believe that Game Booster actually works, the thing is I also don’t believe in them but there is no harm trying this way when other ways are not working.

How to fix Lag and Ping problem in PUBG Mobile
Game Booster usually improves game experience by closing all the background applications which are running along with the game and consuming RAM and data.
It also helps to clear the RAM usage by various applications before starting the game and most often boosts the game.
Many mobile companies like Mi, Realme, etc. have their own inbuilt game booster.
If your device doesn’t have an inbuilt Game Booster then you can also install other game boosters from the Google Play store.
To install Game Booster, follow these steps below:-
  1. Open the Google Play store.
  2. Search for “Game Booster”
  3. Download and Install the one whose rating is higher than others.
  4. Open the “Game Booster” which you installed.
  5. The Game Booster will automatically search for all the games installed in your device and will show them in one palace.
  6. Run the Game from the Game Booster.
If you are having a problem selecting one then go for “Clean Master” it has a feature to hibernate the application running on your phone, it also clear caches from your device.
Game Booster to some extent boost the game experience but it doesn’t work the same on every phone and sometimes it does not boost games.

4. Clear Internal Storage Space:

Find and remove all the unnecessary files in your internal storage, remove unwanted files like photo, audio, video or any big document from your internal storage which will clean up internal space of your device.
You can even store them online in any cloud storage like Google photos or CM Cloud it is safer and you can access them anytime you want.
To clear internal memory space, follow these steps:
  1. Open your “File Manager”
  2. Scan for Big Files in your Internal Storage.
  3. Remove unwanted Big Files which you don’t need.
  4. Reboot your device and run the game.
The more space you will have in your internal memory the more lag-free your game will be because your game creates caches in your internal memory and if you don’t have space then you can’t play your game properly.
To avoid this, install or transfer your game to your external storage.

5. Clear your phone’s Cache memory:

According to Wikipedia, a cache is a place that stores data in your device so that future requests for that data can be served faster; the data stored in a cache is the result of earlier use of that application.
All the applications installed in your device saves caches for faster loading of that app; this is why 1st time running an app takes more time than opening them for the 2nd time.
Clear and delete all caches memory of all the applications installed in your device it will clear up a lot of space.
To clear cache memory, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to your Device Settings.
  2. Open Storage & USB.
  3. Then select internal Storage.
  4. Select cache data
  5. And click ok; it will clear all the cache data from your device.


Then reboot your Device for changes to take effect.

6. Disable Apps Running in the Background:

Whenever you open an app and click your home button to open another app without closing the apps 1st app you used, the apps will still run in the background without your knowledge and it will increase the RAM usage and also use your battery.
Also, various system apps run in the background of your device to help applications run properly.
Open PUBG Mobile after disabling all the apps running in the background it will increase your in-game performance.
To disable apps running in the background, follow these steps below:
  1. Go to your “Settings”
  2. Open your “Apps Management”
  3. Select Apps installed on your device
  4. Click on “Battery or Power Usage”
  5. Click on “Disable Background Running”
  6. Reboot the device and run your game.

7. Repair the Game:

Sometimes the file you have downloaded may have some errors in it. You might have downloaded the game properly but still, it may have some errors.
Unlike other games you don’t have to uninstall the full game and install it again you can simply repair the game file easily.
For that, just during the loading time, you will see there are three options: Help, Language and Repair.
Click on “Repair” button and the game will reinstall itself in your device.
Make sure you have sufficient mobile data in your device or you are connected to a Wi-Fi because you need to download some recent update files.

8. Internet connection:

You can improve your game performance so that it would not lag just by making sure you have a stable internet connection for that you can also connect to a stable Wi-Fi to avoid up and down of the network.
Also, choose the best network provider in your area because not all places have the same network connection provider.

 9. Mute in-game speaker and mike:

While you are in a game with your friend just make sure you mute your speaker and mick when you don’t use them or when they are not necessary during the game, it will definitely help you lower the lag spikes during your game.

10. in game settings:

There are some in-game settings you need to change for better gameplay because of the settings in the game matter very much one wrong setting and you won’t have the best experience while playing.
So to change the in-game settings head over to the gear icon which is on the bottom right of the lobby screen, and then open the graphics setting.
Now set the Graphics to “Smooth” this will lower the in-game graphics and will increase your FPS and reduce any lag.
Then select ‘Style’ to whatever you want because it doesn’t make much difference you can test by yourself which suits the best for you.
Finally, choose to enable auto-adjust graphics. This will automatically lower the game settings.
So, I hope these steps and tips can help you reduce your PUBG Mobile Lags.

PUBG Mobile Ping Issues

I have already explained what is Ping in the starting of this article I hope you have understood what ping is so I will not explain again.
But let’s think of a scenario when there are 2 people alive including you and all of you are running into the safe zone and then your ping goes high. 
You have already spotted your enemy but you are not able to shoot him due to ping problem and then the enemy kills you.
I know how much anger you will be at that time because at least once in our game we have experienced this scenario.
So here I present you with some methods which you can follow to improve your ping issue during your game:

Method 1:- Install VPN:

If you are a gamer for a long time then you must know what VPN is. But for those who don’t know what is VPN then, VPN stands for the virtual private network which in short helps you to connect to the server of the different countries and region like Germany, USA, etc.


How to fix Lag and Ping problem in PUBG Mobile
Therefore, through VPN you can easily connect to different country’s server and reduce your ping in PUBG mobile.
Though most of the VPN apps are not free, in the free version you will only get limited servers to connect to. You can still download the VPN app through the Google Play store.
Click on the download button to download the Free VPN app
To reduce your ping through a VPN Follow these steps below:-
  1. Download VPN app from the above button.
  2. Install the VPN app
  3. Accept all the ‘Terms & Conditions’
  4. VPN app will check for DNS settings and Network Strength
  5. Click ‘Connect’ and VPN app will automatically connect you to the fastest server.
  6. You can also choose a selected server by clicking on the ‘Bulb’ symbol.
Now your ping problem will be solved and you will get ping around 80 to 100 ms. And if you see that the ping is still very high then you can choose the fastest server only and connect it.

Method 2:- Switch to Airplane Mode.

To do this method you don’t require any third party application. Hence, it is mostly preferred by most of us.
Sometimes, resetting your network helps to reduce the pings in the game.
Airplane mode helps to stop all the network usage by disabling network access in your device.
To reduce the ping issue, follow these steps:-
  1. during your gameplay, swipe down navigation menu from the top.
  2. Click on Airplane Mode.
  3. Wait for 10 seconds then again click on Airplane mode.
  4. Your ping issue will be solved.
But sometimes it does not work. So, try other methods also to reduce PUBG Mobile ping issues.

Method 3:- Install Pinger v.2

Pinger App helps to reduce ping in the game by giving you a direct route to access the server. Hence, it reduces additional requests and reduces ping in the game.

How to fix Lag and Ping problem in PUBG Mobile

The new Pinger v.2 is more stable than the old version of Pinger v.1 you can download Pinger v.2 on your device by clicking on the button below.

To reduce ping issues with the help of Pinger v.2, follow the steps below:
  1. Download Pingerv.2 from the above link
  2. Install it in your device.
  3. Clear all the recent running apps.
  4. Open Pinger v.2
  5. Select your Ping Mode (“Extreme” is recommended)
  6. Turn it on and wait till Pinger gets activated.
  7. Go to your home screen by tapping your home button
  8. Open any game and enjoy.
So, my friends, I hope that these simple steps will surely help you to reduce your ping problem and also the lag problem in PUBG mobile.
If you feel I have failed to include any method you use to reduce ping, please comment below those things and I will add it soon in the post with your name.
Finally, if this article helps you in any way then be sure to let me know in the comment section. 

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your family, friends just in case, they are going through the same problem. In addition to this If you have some opinions and Advice for me then you are invited to tell your thoughts in the comment section.

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