12 best ways to survive on Zombie Mode in PUBG mobile.


This year on 19th of February Tencent gaming company owned PUBG Mobile has brought a massive addition into the game of players unknown battleground – PUBG, which is the addition of one of the most awaited modes in the game after vikendi that is  “zombie mode or survive till dawn

12 best ways to survive on Zombie Mode in PUBG mobile.

You may know that survive till dawn or zombie mode is a crossover between one of the famous PC game – Resident Evil 2 and our most favorite game PUBG Mobile.

If we talk about almost everyone’s favorite new things in “survive till dawn” mode after zombies most probably they are weapons, aren’t they? Yes of course.

Because the zombies don’t look cool, rather they look very scary, especially during the night time.
Here in this article, we will talk about different types of Zombies, and how you can kill them easily. New weapons which are included along with this zombie update, and how by the proper use of the guns you can survive 2 spooky night on zombie mode in PUBG mobile.

But the first thing that you should keep in mind before playing zombie mode is that you should never play alone you should have at least one player with you to play with, and the other thing is zombies are very powerful during the night especially in the 2nd one. zombies on a large number will come to attack you in the night time. 

How many types of Zombies are there in the game?

There are in total of 7 types of zombie in the game and they are Regular zombies or the normal zombies, Fast zombies, Spitter, G Stage-I, Licker, Fat Zombies, and the powerful Tyrant.
Now I will briefly discuss them, like their weak points, where they are found mostly and how to deal with them.
1. Regular zombies: These are the normal zombies who walk slowly and can also be seen easily on the street during the day time. They are a good source of ammo, they are very easy to kill and killing them will reward you with 60 ammo of any gun.

2. Fast zombies:- These zombies run very fast and it is nearly impossible to outrun them. The only way to escape them is by killing them. They run in a straight line and you can dodge them by running around.

3. Spitter: – Spitters are mostly seen during the night time, they spit toxic at you from a distance and their spit deals a lot of damage. They always spit straight up to you and if you walk sideways you can easily dodge them.

4. G Stage-I: – There is a 90% chance that you haven’t seen “G Stage-I” in the game. Because G Stage-I can only be seen inside the Raccoon police department building on the 2nd floor.  
He carries a rod pipe in his hand and deals great damage if you get hit. You can kill it easily with an AKM or a minigun. And their crate has a special gun in it along with other few things.
5. Licker:- lickers are the red zombies who crawl up to you, they are pretty hard to kill. But killing them will give you M134′ ammo, bandages or medikit. You can jump back to avoid taking damage from them and aim for their head to kill them fast.
6. Fat Zombies:- Fat zombies are big in size and looks very scary, These zombies are of 2 types one is with shield and other is with a machete. The easiest way to kill them is to jump and headshot them. They don’t run very fast and you can easily outrun them.

7. The powerful Tyrant:- It is the big Mr. X guy who is dropped from the sky. They appear periodically and their appearance is shown in the minimap with a red blinking dot. It is very hard to kill it alone, so I recommend you to go for it with your team.

Always remember the position of Tyrant is shown on the map so there are chances you may face many real enemies around you.
Apart from knowing the different types of zombies introduced in the game you should also know the types of weapons added along with them and how they work. Which will give you an idea of what weapons to use in what situation.
So now let’s see the new weapons added in zombies mode.

PUBG mobile has introduced 4 new weapons in zombie mode.

  • 1. Flame thrower:-
As the name suggests flame thrower releases flames when triggered.
No other gun is better than this when you are surrounded by many zombies.
This new gun deals about 200 damage per second to the zombies and around 45 damage per second to the other players.
The range of this gun is 8 – 10 meters and they burn for 4 seconds after they are hit with this gun.
The ammo used in this weapon is “gas bottles” which you can easily get by killing zombies or you can search for them in houses.
The advantage of this gun is it does area damage which means it does not target single enemies or zombies, it can also deal Damage to the zombies behind one another.
The disadvantage of this gun is you can’t use it while sitting inside the car, and you can’t go prone while carrying it.
  • 2. M134 Minigun:
This gun is a beast though it is a minigun it is the most powerful of all guns out there.
The M134 Minigun is a powerful mini machine gun and also a rare gun.
This gun can only be found in G Stage – I crate or the Tyrant’ crate. This gun uses 7.62 mm ammo and takes about 0.8 seconds to begin its destruction. This gun can fire 20 rounds per second and 200 rounds continuously at a time.
Besides all these advantages, the drawbacks of this gun are you can’t equip scope on it and also reduces the movement speed when you carry this gun and also you can’t use it while you are in a vehicle.
  • 3. Compact Knife:-
The compact knife is a stealth killer when it comes to killing zombies.
You can kill zombies in the day time and save your bullets and also helps you to kill zombies without revealing your location.
This knife deals 225 damage if you directly hit the head and 90 damage on other parts of the body.
The drawback of this knife is this will only help you when only a few zombies are there, but if you are attacked with the whole zombies family then surely they will take the chicken dinner. This knife can easily be found inside the houses.
  • 4.Zombie grenade:
Unlike other grenades this does not help to kill the zombies or enemies rather this grenade brings more zombies out of the ground.
The zombie grenade will help you to distract your enemies so that you can easily kill while they are fighting with the zombies.
When you use this grenade, it creates a path for zombies to come out from the ground. By using this grenade you can distract your enemies through this and kill them.
Make sure to throw the grenade correctly because it can be both a boon or a bane to you and your enemies. If you fail to throw it far you have to deal with the zombies you have called. And your enemies may kill you while you are killing them.

comment below out of these 4 weapons which one do you like the most? and which one you want to be included in the classic mode?

Now you know about the types of zombies, how to deal with them and the types of new weapons added to this mode and their advantages and disadvantages.

So now move to our main topic how to survive spooky nights on zombie mode.

1. Make use of vehicles:-
Though there are very low fuel in the vehicles, they are the best if you are out in the open with a large number of zombies following you.
But if you go over many zombies then it will damage your vehicle and may blast, you can sit inside and kill zombies with your gun and zombies won’t be able to harm you.

2. Running away from battle is not disgraceful here:-
The main motive of this mode is to survive 2 spooky night in each game, so it doesn’t matter if you face and fight or run and hide.
But, you have to face them ultimately so you should stay and fight with your teammates.
3. Don’t stay too far from your teammates:-
Sometimes you can’t face all the zombies alone you will need a backup at some point.
So you should stay with your friends and you will have each other’s back when one is in need.
4. Do kill the Licker first:-
Lickers are pretty hard to kill but killing lickers should be your first priority following by spitters, fast zombies, fat zombies then Tynant.
5. Never take on the boss alone:-
You may be a very good player and can handle a squad alone. But the position of the boss is always shown in the minimap so there will be other players waiting for you.
You may kill the boss alone but the other players may be waiting for you to kill the boss and take the loot. This is why you should always go to kill the boss with your team.

6. Taking on bosses is not necessary:-
Though the bosses are the best loot giver in the game it is not necessary for you to kill them because while you will be busy killing the boss other may kill you, so you can camp the boss and take the loot.
7. Don’t just plan to hide:-
There is no point of hiding because ultimately you will have to face them either on the night or in the day so you must fight and enjoy the game.
After all these points I will tell you places from where you can kill the zombies easily without taking more damage.
8. Choose an area to take on zombies in the night wisely:-
Your selection of a place to take a fight matters a lot in your Survival.
If you fight inside a building with no windows then you will have problems if you need to escape.
Also if you fight them alone in the open then there are chances you will be surrounded by them and won’t be able to survive long enough.

9. Stock up on ammunition:-
There are times when you get no gun but get many bullets you should not avoid them and keep collecting them because you may run out of ammos in between a fight and then you will have to run because you have no other options.
10. Use a melee weapon for zombies in the daytime:-
During day time it is easy for your enemies to find your location and kill you. This is why you should avoid using guns during the daytime. 

You will be saving ammunition and not revealing your location both by not using guns in the day.
11. Try not to shoot zombies during the day:-
Until and unless it is very much necessary you must avoid the zombies during the day.
Because killing them will be a loss of ammunition and nothing else. Instead, save the ammo for the night.
12. Mind the timer:-
You won’t get a lot of time during the day to loot the houses you should keep an eye on the timer and select a place and prepare yourself to take a fight before the night so that you won’t have any problem to deal with the zombies during the night time.

So by now, you know what precautions you can take to survive from the zombies but as I said the selection of the best place is very much important for your Survival, so I will tell you few places where you can stay to survive the night
 1. Select a higher place:-
Zombies can’t jump so they cannot get on containers or on walls so you can get up there and kill them.
Containers can easily be found inside warehouses in prison or one near the shelter.
 2. In the water:-
Water can be the best place to hide as zombies can’t go in the water so you can stay there for the night and come out by the morning to fight.

 3. Under the staircase:-
The staircase inside the school building can be a perfect place to stay as zombies can’t harm you there.
 4. Select a single stair building:-
If the building on which you want to take the fight has many ways to come up then it will be hard for you to block both ways.
That is why select the houses which have a single stair and all 4 of you target the door and kill the zombies coming inside.
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