PUBG Mobile India series tournament 2019

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PUBG Mobile India series tournament 2019
PUBG Mobile India series 2019- Last year in 2018 PUBG Bluehole corporation has organised a tournament for Indian college students which was PUBG Mobile campus championship, in which many students took part actively and few of them have won handsome amount of money all because of their hard work, dedication and skills. Besides money they were also rewarded with Oppo mobile, respect and global level recognization.
This year in 2019 PUBG Mobile has again came up with a tournament for Indian PUBG fans – PUBG Mobile India series 2019 tournament.
In this article I will give you complete information about the eligibility, registration process, matches and their dates, prises and other FAQs.

Eligibility or Requirements

  •  PUBG Mobile players from all over India is eligible to participate in this tournament.
  • This tournament is organised especially for Indian residents. So of you are from India then you are welcome to participate in this tournament.
  • Another eligibility criteria is that you must have an account of minimum 20 level or above.
  • So of you don’t have a level 20+ account to play PUBG Mobile then you can’t participate in this tournament.
  • And an Android device with the latest version of PUBG Mobile in it.(0.10.0)

How to register?

If you can successfully fulfill the above requirements then follow the steps below to register for Free.
The process of registration is very easy all you have to do is
  • Visit the website

Click this link –
Or go to Google and search

After visiting the website, look for register now button and click it.

  • Fill the form

After clicking on the register now button a page will pop up,
Fill the form with all necessary information and information must be real and cannot be changed later

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  • Verify Email
A mail will be sent to the Email ID you have submitted while filling up the form just for verification.
All members of a squad has to verify individually, and after registration every player has to join a squad or can create a squad.


To join a squad all you have to do is enter the squad ID of the specific squad you want to join and click the “Join Squad” button. Your request is sent to the squad leader and you will be added to the squad as soon as the leader of the squad accepts your request.


Go to your profile, then click on the “Create Squad” button to create a squad. After you have created a squad, you can invite players to your team by sending them invite link.


After successful registration and getting into a squad players have to prepare themselves for the tournament matches.
There will be 3 stages in the tournament
  1. In-Game Qualifier
  2. Online Playoff and
  3. Grand Finale

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  • In-Game Qualifier:-
All 4 members of a squad have to play 15 matches on and from 21 January to 27 January.
Out of the first 15 matched played, top 10 will be considered toward final results.
Result will be calculated considering the total number of kills in a match and finishing position.
If there is a tie in results between two squad’s score then other factors like survival time, accuracy, etc.,
Will be considered toward determining result.
Remember the sooner the better. So start playing as soon the tournament starts.
  • Offline Playoff:-
There will be 3 rounds in Online Playoff i.e. players have to play 3 matches being in different groups from February 10- February 24.
  • Round 1:- 

In round 1, 100 groups of 20 squads will compete against each other for the best of 1 position, matches will be based on knockout basis.

Out of 100 groups of 20 squads top 4 squads from each group will move on to round 2.
  • Round 2:-
Out of 100 groups, top 400 squads from round 1 will be again shorted into 20 groups of 20 squad.
Out of 20 groups of 20 squads the top 4 squads from each group will move on to round 3.
  • Round 3:-
Out if the top 80 squads from round 2, they will again shorted into 4 groups of 20 squads.
From the 4 groups, only top 5 squads from each group will be selected for the Grand Finale.
1 February 10-February 15 best of 1 4
2 February 16- February 19 best of 1 4
3 February 21- February 24 best of 3 5


  • Grand Finale:-

5 squads or 20 players will be able to play the Grand finale which will be organised in a specific State and players will be provided a device for playing the game..

REGISTRATION January 5 – January 21
IN-GAME QUALIFIER January 21 – January 27
ONLINE PLAYOFF February 10- February 24
GRAND FINALE March(date to be announc)

Game version:-

Every player must play the game with the latest version of PUBG Mobile i.e. 0.10.0

Players must install the update before the tournament match starts to avoid delay.

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All matches are to be played in Mobile device only in which they are comfortable with. But the device must not have any hack or any 3rd party software or tools.

Any players found using hack or 3rd party software will be straight disqualified from the tournament.

Reasons for disqualification:-

There are many reasons to get you disqualified and you must avoid doing this if you don’t want to get disqualified, so here is the list of those things which can get you disqualified from the tournament.

1. No emulator or 3rd party or PC:-

Players are not allowed to play the matches using any emulator or in PC, if found playing in any emulator players and their whole squad will be straight disqualified.

2. Block the tournament from starting:- 

If any players found blocking the match from starting purposely then he along with the whole team will be disqualified from tournament.

3. Add, remove or modify game file:- 

Players are not allowed to add, remove or modify game files from their intended state, if anyone found modifying game file will be declared hacker and will be banned from playing any future tournament also.

4. No betting:- 

Any kind of betting by players or squad or on behalf of anyone associated with the Squad, will be disqualified.

5. Substitute players:-

No substitute are allowed in the tournament the registered player have to play on it’s own.

Points distribution:-

Each kill worth 20 points and players also get points according to their placement.

Prize distribution


Are emulator allowed?
Sorry to say but emulator are not allowed in this tournament so you must avoid playing on any emulator or in PC.

If any player gets disconnected from the match then the team can continue to play without him but with a disadvantage.

On which map player have to play matches?

If you have any questions comment below I will answer them Soon.



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