How to use Grenades in PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile : Tips on how to use Grenades or throwable weapons properly.

Grenades in PUBG Mobile


How to use Grenades for getting Chicken Dinner.


  • Frag grenades can be used to kill the enemies easily if they are not aware of our presence.
  • Smokes can be used to distract enemies and to reveal there location.
  • Stun grenades can be used to make enemies sense disable for about 7 seconds and take advantage to kill them.

In my previous article I mentioned how important smoke Grenades are in winning matches in PUBG Mobile. If you haven’t already read it then read it first, it will help you to win matches easily in PUBG Mobile.

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In my previous article I mentioned how important Grenades are but after the new update I think every grenade needs an explanation because of all the changes developers introduced but didn’t mentioned.

Many new players take these hand thrown weapon lightly and they never collect these throwables. They think these throwables are underrated in PUBG Mobile.

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Many players usually prefer rifles as they think its safer option and they go for rifles instead of the grenades while looting a house or a crate.

However, not carrying grenades will actually be similar to losing out a great opportunity of getting the Chicken Dinner.

Pro players know their use and collect as many throwables they get because it help them a lot in the last circles.

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Types of Grenade or throwable

There are currently 4 types of throwables in the game Frag grenade, smoke Grenades, stun grenade and Molotov cocktail.

Their availability-

PUBG Mobile distributes equal grenades around the map we get a great number of frags and smoke grenades in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi there are also 2 more such grenades, stun grenade and Molotov which is little rare but equally important.

Advantages of Grenade or throwable:-

  • Grenades Can Bounce:-

Grenade are not like bullets who goes in straight line and doesn’t bounce. If you can take proper advantage of this bounce effect then you can deal more damage to your enemies, you can also use this bounce effect to send your grenade to specific places.

But remember your grenade can bounce back to you also. So aim and throw your grenade properly.
Molotov doesn’t bounce it will deal damage in the area it is thrown.

  • Use Grenades To Target Hidden Enemies:-

If your enemies are hiding somewhere in the grass and you don’t know there location then you can throw grenade as the deals area damage, in this way you can kill them or else you can force them to reveal their location.

What is area damage?

Area damage means damage done, not in a specific spot but in the areas within a few meters.

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  • Grenades Works Under Water also:-

Grenade can deal a lot of damage where bullets fails. You cannot kill someone hiding under water with bullets, but you can kill them with grenade even if they are under water.

  • Grenade Damage Can’t Be Block By Helmet & Vest:-

This is one of the main reasons I love using grenade the most, they deal damage to level 3 armor also. Level 3 armor fails to block a grenades damage and kill enemies with level 3 armor also.

  • Grenades Can Explode In Your Hand:-

This is the one thing you should take care of Frag grenade takes 7 seconds to blast, so you should throw it before times runs out.
After cooking the grenade if you don’t want to throw the grenade then you can click on the cancel button to stop throwing.

  • Evade Grenades Through Pan:-

If you time your pan perfectly then you can even stop a grenade thrown at you. But it is very hard to stop a grenade. And you can’t do anything if it drop on the ground. You can stop only when you hit it with a pan in mid air only.

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How to use grenades in PUBG mobile

  • Frag Grenade:-

This is the mostly used hand-thrown weapon the game it can be found in high numbers in various places. Using the frags is extremely easy we can use this to kill an enemy without firing,

select the frag grenade option form the tab menu, aim towards the enemy and throw it before the times run out.

Hand-thrown weapons tend to show the virtual path by default using a virtual red flight path. Once it selected, release the hold button.

If your enemies aren’t aware of your position, then the frag grenade can easily take them out.

The frag grenade is very much useful in situations where you are hiding outside a building, and you know there are enemies inside the building.

And if want to take out the enemy from the window without giving him your position then you can throw a frag grenade and take them out without wasting bullets.

Note that the frag grenade work realistically, i.e. you need to aim and throw it as fast as you can before the timer runs out to avoid it being exploding while it’s in your hand and getting you killed.

Also, note that you need to maintain some distance from the enemy while using the frag grenades because Frag grenade does area damage ant you will get damage too.

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  • Smoke Grenade:-

While many consider the smoke grenade useless, pro players use it to open assault by surprise on enemies.

The smoke grenade creates an almost opaque layer or white wall of smoke which one can use to hide while firing at the enemies or escape a trap and get to the cover. You can also loot in open without getting shots.

Throwing a smoke grenade often draws attention and leads players to shoot wildly in the area to get the kill. You can also use it to revive your teammate by getting in it though it is risky.

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  • Molotov Cocktail:-

Fire is the best way to kill off prying enemies which are hiding in-house or taking cover and the Molotov Cocktail makes it a very easier.

It may not have the same devastating effect as the frag grenade, but it surely is a good way to lure out enemies in close proximity.

It can also be used to force the hiding enemy come out of protection when he/she is hiding.

Note that the Molotov cocktail never kills an enemy immediately but depletes the health bar at a faster rate.

So, make sure your guns are reloaded and be ready to take the kill after throwing Molotov cocktail.

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  • Stun Grenades:-

I have seen many players who thinks that the stun grenade as completely useless. However, for those who rely on PUBG MOBILE’s exceptional surround sound effects, it’s a blessing.

The stun grenade disables the enemy’s senses with a loud sound explosion there whole screens becomes white this is perfect for those situations when the enemy knows your presence through the sound of the footsteps but is out of the line of sight.

The stun grenade blackout your enemies for a few seconds, making it easy for you to sneak out without letting your enemy know about your movement.

Do note that the stun grenade is not lethal and is only useful for opening a surprise assault. You can use it when you are in-house with enemies. Throw stun and when they become blind you can easily assault them.

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How much should you carry? 

Considering the limited space in the backpacks, it’s advisable to grab at least three frag grenades, five smoke grenades, and a Molotov cocktail.
If you have free space in your bag then grabbing a few more stun grenades is not a bad option.

Remember – grenades meant to be used in closed encounters.


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