How to get skins for free in PUBG Mobile


Tips and tricks to get PUBG gun skins for free

How to get skins for free in PUBG Mobile

Skins give your gun a different look. It is what makes your gun different from others. Being free to play a player you may not have any gun skin but your friends have. And you may feel humiliated or angry when they show off them before you.

So here I bring to you 5 tips and tricks to get gun skins for free.

1. AchievementsBeside flare gun and night mode the most interesting ever introduced into the game is Achievements. You will get amazing rewards by simply completing them like gun skin, gold coins (BP), silver fragments, create coupons, coupon fragments, and many amazing titles.
Many new players don’t know what achievements are and where to find them. Follow the steps below to go to achievements:-
1st Go to missions –

then, Under missions, you will find achievements(right side) Complete them and claim your prize.
Earlier Achievements used to be under the profile section but in recent updates, they changed the position to the mission to make it easy for you to find


It is a paid method, but fear not friends because completing achievements can get you a free coupon which will help you to open the crates.
Crates are very rewarding only if you know how to open a crate for free and which crate to open. There are too many types of crates in PUBG mobile some are very rewarding and some are not.

Where to find a coupon?  

You will find a coupon from achievements, from PUBG crate and soldier’s crate, or sometimes from events.

How to open the crate for free: Not Every time you get a coupon from achievements, sometimes you get coupon fragments, you need 10 fragments to combine them and make 1 coupon. Which you can use to open a crate for free.

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Which crate you should open: Not every crate can give you gun skin Every time you open. Select a crate which has the most number of gun skins in it, it will have more chance of getting a skin. The premium crate has 2 gun skin in it so there are no changes of getting a gun skin out of it. PUBG crate has 1, and PUBG classic crates his 7 gun skins in it. So that means you should definitely go for a classic crate if you have coupons.

Please note that items of the crate changes so sometimes a crate has 1 skin and sometime it may have 7. So open the crate which has the highest number of skins it will increase your chances of getting a skin.

3. Royal Pass

You may think of it as a paid method, but believe me, it’s not, you will get free skins every season just by completing Royal pass missions. Even if you don’t buy Royal pass every season there are few skins you can get for free, Just scroll through the rewards to see them. But you must get them before the season ends or the reward will reset.
You will get a few extra skins not only of guns but of vehicles also if you buy Royal pass, but I won’t recommend you to buy gun Royal Pass until you have enough money to spend.

4. Friends

Make as many friends as you can, they can send you a crate coupon scrap, just request your friends when you need them. Message your friends from the chat section and ask them for the coupon scrap you want and if they have extra coupon scrap they can send them to you. You can collect them from the gift center under mails.
But remember your friend should be at least level 3 to send gifts.

5. Participate in Giveaways

Many YouTube channels do skins or Royal pass giveaway on a daily or weekly basis and you can participate in them for free and you will have a chance to win gun skin or Royal pass for free. So just search for such channels on YouTube and participate in them.
I have listed a few YouTube channels below:-

i.Charizard freak  and

ii. Technical guys 

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Getting gun skins for free is not easy, you have to do a few extra things to get gun skins for free Achievements are the best place to work hard to complete those achievements and you will be rewarded.

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