Top 5 vehicles to use in PUBG mobile

Top 5 vehicles to use in PUBG mobile

PUBG mobile is now the most intense Battle Royale game experience available to players, at the moment.

As players play solo, in duos or in squad mode, to kill enemies and win the chicken dinner, they use various strategies in the game.

Choice of vehicles is, however, one of the most important aspects of the game which is often overlooked.

Vehicles spawn mostly near urban areas near the road. Here are the five best PUBG vehicles.

A note for all players using vehicles

A vehicle is very useful to travel long distance especially when play zone is shrinking quickly.

And If you are playing duo or squad mode, then someone from your team should keep a lookout when you drive.

Avoid driving straight and getting shot, while trying to run over an enemy with a vehicle.

Lastly, do not jump out of a moving vehicle as it severely reduces health.


No-1 is Dacia

The Dacia is a four-seater car in PUBG. It is one of the best vehicles you can come across.

It is the perfect combination of speed, flexibility and the right amount of muscle to knock other vehicles off the road or kill some on-foot players.

Surprisingly, it handles well on uneven terrain, making it perfect for quick getaways.

If you need a car, look no further.

Motorcycle one of the best easy ride on PUBG mobile

Okay, we will admit, the best ride for a duo is a motorcycle. The speed is immense and it is not easy for enemies to shoot if you are driving quickly.

The motorcycle is also highly maneuverable, which makes it great for rough terrains.

Please do not confuse the normal motorcycle with the one with a sidecar. The latter has terrible balancing.

Van Is a great pick for a big squad

Vans are great if you are playing with a six-member squad.

What could turn out to be a merry road trip, might be ruined by the van’s speed. It is slightly slow and the bulky size makes it a little hard to control on uneven surfaces.

However, using the speed boost improves things.

Notably, the van provides good cover once the firing starts.

UAZ always bet on the classics

The UAZ is a classic choice for a war-torn map. It can fit a four-member squad and has enough muscle to provide cover and smash enemy vehicles.

However, the slow speed is a drawback while trying to outrun a shrinking play zone or escaping the dreaded red zone.

The closed-top version is preferable to the open one, as it provides more protection.

Buggy is the perfect quick-fix to a sticky situation

For the solo players, the Buggy should be your ideal choice.

It is fast and, importantly, handles extremely well off-road. This keeps the driver safe from attacks.

However, if you are playing a duo and travel on Buggy, your partner gets the short stick. The second seat in this vehicle is completely exposed to enemy bullets.

Your partner won’t thank you for this!

Vehicle spawn places in PUBG mobile

The red dots are the place where vehicle spawn regularly on every match.


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