Snow map in PUBG Mobile


Snow map in PUBG Mobile

New PUBG Snow Map: Release Date and  Everything You Need To Know About Snow Map.

Since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Twitted “Coming Winter 2018” at the Microsoft’s big E3  in June with PUBG E3 Gameplay trailer, PUBG players are very excited about the “New PUBG Snow Map”.  Well, PUBG’s Tweet shows the man walking on the snow leaving his foot prints behind on the snow. But today, in this article we have a lot more about PUBG’s new map with many new amazing information.

What will be the name of new PUBG Snow map?

The name of new snow map will be Vikendi. It’s a unique name. This name has been officially confirmed by the developers of PUBG Mobile.

List of some interesting places in “Vikendi” 
Cosmodrome, Villa, Town, Cement Factory, Castle, DinoPark and frozen river are some main notable places in the new Snow map. These are just name of few places which may be changed in the official update.

Details about places in “Vikendi
In a video by alltgenewsisgood a spacecraft have been shown in the starting of the video the place goes by the name Cosmodrome. Cosmodrome actually means launch sites for aircraft. So I think it is quite obvious that the rocket site can be called Cosmodrome.

Next we see frozen river which means the river if frozen and can be crossed walking or by vehicle (not boat).

Then we see the Castle which has been shown in detail which means it can be the hot drop location like Pochinki or Bootcamp, the Castle is quite high so it can be a perfect location for sniping. There are many open places within Castle, so I can bet we are going to witness a massacre in the Castle.

Next we see a Cement Factory of which much has not been shown in detail.

By the end we can see a frozen lake near a town.

Leaked images of places in “Vikendi

Castle Building

Castle Tower
Town Market
DinoPark maze

What will be the size of the new PUBG Snow Map?

The new Snow map will be bigger than the recently released jungle map of Sanhok, a 4x4km jungle map designed for constant fightings but smaller then Erangel and its desert-themed counterpart Miramar,  which is 8×8. The New Snow map will be somewhere between them like 6×6
It will give a perfect gameplay for those who find Erangel to be longer and Sanhok to be shorter.

What is more about the PUBG Snow map?

The teaser trailer for the winter-themed map which was shown off at E3 2018, only revealed that players will be able to track footprints on it.
A recent datamine has revealed a many more information about the upcoming snow map.

Vehicle in PUBG Mobile

A Beetle car and Z130 truck was potted in the files, which means that hopefully, we will be able to drive around snowy Vikendi in new vehicles

Beetle Car

Dynamic rainy weather can also be seen in the Snow map which means we can see raining any time in the game. It will be visually amazing but it can make the gameplay hard.

Can we see night mode in the new Snow map?
I don’t think the developers worked hard to bring night mode only for Halloween update. It is rumored in the Reddit that we can see day and night mode in new Snow map. It will be amazing to see night mode in the snow map.
Comment below if you also want night mode in snow map.

MK 47 a brand new 7.62 assault rifle it has the same per bullet damage as AKM. It has also been seen in the leaked gameplay so it is possible that along with new vehicle we can see this new gun in the upcoming update on PUBG mobile.
PUBG PC confirmed MK 47 coming into the battleground soon.


You must have heard of snow area, it means that the map will be Erangel only but in some places, we will see snow-covered grasses.

Difference between snow area and snow map

Snow area is an area on the Erangel map which will be covered in snow due to the dynamic rainy weather. On the other hand, the snow map is a completely different map with snow all around.

Release date of the new map

As we know season 4 will end on the 18th of November. Snow area, MK 47 and dynamic rainy weather may come with the season update. Which is definitely not on 18th. The update will come after a few days.
The snow map still has many changes to make before it’s final release so it will come in the next month in winter.

Gun skins which can come along with Snow map

Comment below which gun skin you like the most I loved the blue one what about you guys?



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