How to WIN matches in PUBG mobile.


Tips to WIN match in PUBG mobile.

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PUBG mobile: or playerunknown’s battleground is one of the most popular games of 2018. It has more than 50 million PUBG mobile players worldwide, you must be one of them playing PUBG mobile daily like everyone else but not getting enough wins like them so I bring to you a list of the best tips that can help you win every match in PUBG mobile.
1. Avoid landing on popular places.

You should avoid landing on the most most popular places in pubg mobile like School, Pochinki or Georgopol landing there might get you killed soon after landing

So the first tips are to land away from those popular places. Keep in mind, a good start will always have a better ending. So chose your landing place wisely.

I prefer landing on the edge of the map with fewer enemies nearby. But if you love action and can clear an area alone you are fine to land in those hot drop places.

2. Never stand still while looting. 

You must have died at least once looting dead crate standing still. Standing still increases your chance of getting a headshot
So I always recommend not to stand still while looting. You can crouch, prone or move left to right a little by doing so your enemies cannot headshot you.

And never prone if your enemies are shooting at you crouch or run in different directions it will help you dodge the bullets

3. Always take cover before engaging enemies.

I used to make this mistake when I was new to this game I used to shoot enemies without taking cover and used to get killed in the early times of the game.

Soon I figured that shooting the enemies from cover not only helped me survive but also helped me restore my health in cover.

So you should take cover behind rocks or building or trees before engaging enemies it will give time to reload and revive if you are in cover.

4. Master the minimap.

Do you ever noticed the gun firing, whether far or near, or do you see if any vehicle approaching, or see foot marks near you

You must have died at least once because you haven’t noticed any of these, so start taking notice of these on the minimap these will help you survive long in the game.

The darker the marks are near they are to you and the lighter the marks the far the enemy is. See how many enemies are there, where they are and plan accordingly.

5. Always use a vehicle.

Vehicles can help you to get to your favorite place on the map when the route of the plane is not near your favorite places. You can land somewhere and take a vehicle to reach there.

Vehicles also help you to take cover when someone is shooting you in the open field and no cover nearby, you can take cover behind a vehicle and kill them.

Vehicles help you to get into the Playzone if you have landed far from Playzone so find a car as soon as you land this will help you throughout the match change the vehicles if necessary from time to time.

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6. Use a smoke grenade.

Smoke grenade helps you in many ways like
Getting out of enemies sight,
Taking cover and
Even helps you to heal your friends,
It also works as a distraction. So carry as much smoke grenade as u can.

7. Use the best attachment for your guns.

Attachments of guns are a vital key in winning a match, it helps you control recoil, control bullet spread and also helps in not revealing your position while shooting. So gather all the attachment of the gun you are carrying.

Many of you do not take the attachments if you don’t have the gun, you should always collect the attachments of your favorite gun even if you don’t have that gun at the moment.

Sometimes we ignore the attachments and don’t find them when we have the gun so you should know what attachments you need for the type of gun you are going to carry.

8. Never run in the open.

You may have killed many players who run in the open.

Imagine yourself in there position and see how running in open can get you spotted or even get you killed easily.

9. Enable peak and fire.

Do you remember my 3rd tip about taking cover before engaging enemies?
peking will help you to shoot Enemies without revealing your full body.
You will take less damage when you peek hence helping you to survive.

You can enable peak and fire by going to settings – Basic – Peak and Fire – Enable

10. Chose the best server.

Many a time you shoot your enemies first but they kill you first and you think they are using hacks.

But this happens because you can’t fire when enemies are near you. This happens because of the lag you face when you play in the wrong server.

Ping plays an important role the lower the ping the good the game will be. So choosing the best server with the lowest ping and you will have a good game.

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11. Don’t shoot enemies out of range.

You must never shoot an enemy if he is not in your shooting range. Maybe you are shooting them with a 2x scope, red dot or with no scope but the one you are shooting may have a 6x or 8x.

By shooting them you are not only alerting them about your location but also alerting enemies near you.

12. Play with your friends.

Last but not least, always play with your friends to communicate with them tell them about enemies position ask them if you need anything and if they need anything from you, you should give them,

Communication is the key to winning. If you play with random players and can’t communicate you may not win the match.

Bonus tips:

  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Never prone when you are getting snipped.
  • Equip the best armor (level 3).
  • Wear dark clothes, it will help you hide in the shadows.
  • Use suppressor instead of the compensator
  • Always kill the knocked Enemies.
  • Practice arcade mode before getting into a rank match.


There are many ways you can win the match, but one mistake can lose you the game, follow my tips I can’t guarantee that you definitely win but I promise you will not lose any pubg mobile game. As these are the common mistake everyone makes but never take notice of them.
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