How to chat privately in WhatsApp Groups


How to reply privately in WhatsApp Groups with friends or family

WhatsApp has recently introduced a ‘Reply privately’ feature in the latest beta version of the WhatsApp app which allows user to reply privately in Groups.

Now chat privately in WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp beta version 2.18.335 for Android has now received a new feature in the recent update that allows users to reply to Group chats privately to any person of the group. This feature has been in testing for quite some time and is now finally rolling out to the beta version of the app. The ability to reply to chats privately in a Group has been a widely-requested feature and looks like it will roll out to the stable build in the coming days.
As the name suggests, the feature allows any user in a Group to reply to a chat privately, and the reply window takes users to the individual’s chat. The feature is particularly useful when Group chats have been set to ‘admins only’ and the only way for non-admin to reply to a chat in a Group is through the ‘Reply privately’ option.

So how to chat privately in WhatsApp Groups

Know that this feature is currently available only on WhatsApp beta. Make sure that you are a beta tester of the WhatsApp app.
1. Before proceeding update to the latest version of WhatsApp beta, which is version number 2.18.335.
2. After the update, enter any WhatsApp Group, highlight the chat of the person you want to reply privately.
3. On the top right corner of the app, users will see the option to ‘Reply privately’.
4. Clicking on the button will take users to the individual chat thus, WhatsApp users can reply privately to chats on WhatsApp Groups.

As we mentioned earlier, the feature is particularly useful when Group replies are restricted to admins only. Before this update, participants of such groups could not text on the Groups and now the new feature will address the issue. WhatsApp has been on a spree bringing out updates and the latest update to reach the stable build is the ability to use Stickers.

However, considering that it is a beta build, there are still few issue which causes WhatsApp to crash when a user tries to delete media from a chat. Meanwhile, WhatsApp has already confirmed that they will be bringing advertisements in its Status feature. WhatsApp Status is similar to Instagram/Facebook Stories wherein users can share media/text that stays visible for 24 hours. WhatsApp Status advertisement will help the company monetise through the app.

Hope this article helped you to know how to chat privately in WhatsApp groups now go use this feature and enjoy chatting.


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