Upcoming PUBG mobile update 0.9.0


Upcoming PUBG mobile update 0.9.0 

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Upcoming PUBG mobile update
Upcoming PUBG mobile update is said to be one of the biggest updates of PUBG mobile since it’s mobile release as it is going to introduce so many new features altogether as never done before. Here in Tech Gaming Point, we are going to give you a detailed guide about the upcoming PUBG mobile update.

1. New haunted theme

As Halloween is coming by the end of October the theme has been changed to fit the occasion perfectly. Spooky music has also been added. You can revert to the classic theme from the settings, but I prefer to haunt theme be on Halloween.

 2. Night mode

Upcoming PUBG mobile update is going to introduce night mode into the game. It means that the weather will dark for a few minutes. 
Is it going to be throughout the game?
No it’s not going to be throughout the game, it will be there for the last few minutes of the game. You must have a night vision goggles when it starts, it will help you see better.

3. FPP(first-person perspective) driving

The previous while playing on FPP, it doesn’t apply on driving. Now it’s completely FPP. Not only the driver the passenger will also be in FPP while they are sitting in the car. 

4. New vehicles

PUBG has introduced 2 new vehicles into the game a scooter and a Jeep. These vehicles are only available in Sanhok map. As the map has been inspired from Asia, the scooter has been added to suit the map.

5. Helmet color 

The color of the helmet has been changed to white, the reason has not been cleared but it may have changed to fit in the upcoming winter update.

6. Quick scope toggle. 

Opening the bag then changing the scope on guns has been a serious problem for all of us. But the upcoming PUBG mobile update has made toggling(to alternate between two positions using a single switch)of scope very easy just with a single click.

7. Preferred language

Many players used to complain about grouping with random players with language unknown to them. Now they can select the 2nd language to be more specific with auto-matchmaking.

8. New achievements

Many new achievements have been added in the upcoming PUBG mobile update that rewards you with coupons or coupons scrap, silver fragments, and BP coins. Though these Achievements means nothing to you, they give satisfaction when completed.

9. New graphics filter “film”

A new graphics filter is going to be introduced into the game, those who love playing in different filters are going to love this filter. It’s going to give filmy look to the game.

10. Blue zone

The area outside the Playzone has been modified.  The whole area outside the Playzone will be blue. This will have no effect on the rate of damage taken outside the play zone.
But the damage taken on a limb has been reduced (slightly).

11. Lean and throw

Throwing nade or mocktail has been a problem while we were in cover. We have to come out of cover and then throw them. While doing so we used to get shots. Now we can throw them even if we are in cover.

12. Spectate opponents

Now you can spectate the person who killed you and you can also see if he is cheating or not. And you can see their tactics of playing and you can also learn a better gameplay. 

13. Tricks or chicken

In the upcoming PUBG mobile update, you will no longer spawn randomly in a specific place on the map, you will be spawned at the same island as before. With colorful balls to play with.

14. New guns

2 new guns have also been introduced QBU and M762. QBU will have same damage rate as QUZ and M762 will have same damage rate as AKM, now let’s see the die-hard AKM lovers will keep using AKM or will move to M762.

So here at tech gaming point, I lay before some of all the things in the upcoming PUBG mobile update to help you get better in the game and know what’s coming for you.
If you like this comment below what you want me to bring to you or have any questions feel free to ask me I will reply soon.

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