Night Mode in PUBG mobile.


A complete guide about Night Mode in PUBG mobile.

What is night mode?

Night mode is a part of the recent 0.9.0 update of PUBG mobile. Where like real life day and night cycle the weather in the game change from day to night to day again. And if you don’t have night goggles you will have difficulty spotting enemies and killing them.

So today at tech gaming point, in this article I will tell you how to identify which match has night mode and where to find night vision goggles.


It is one of the hardest things in the match it is nearly impossible to identify if the match has night mode or not you have to play all matches till the last circle.
If you think I am going to tell something like this then you are totally wrong.

You just have to look at the bottom right side of the screen in the spawn island (where you wait before the match starts). If there is written day/night then the match will have a night part in it. Yes, it is that simple.

Where and When you can see the night mode?

Where – Night mode has been introduced only in Erangle map it has not yet introduced in the Miramar and Sanhok map.

When – As you know when the day ends night comes so in the game also you have to stay alive through the first few circles, as night comes when the game is nearly to end.

What is night vision goggle and why you need them ?

Night vision goggles help to see more clearly in the night time.
It helps us to find enemies and any obstacles like trees or rock and see the road clearly If the game has day and night mode then it is very important to find and equip night vision goggles before the weather becomes dark because you will have difficulty to see without them.

You can find night vision goggles randomly anywhere on the map but there are few places where you can definitely find a night vision Goggle easily.
Those places are:-
1.military base
3.Georgopol and

Some important tips:-
1. If you fail to find night vision goggles then increase your phone’s brightness, it helps a lot.

2. Exit the match if you don’t see day/night written on the bottom right side of the screen.
3. Don’t worry your rating will not decrease until you are in the plane.
4. If you want to leave the match left before the plane starts to point.
5. Enjoy the night mode.

I hope this article will help you a lot.
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