Call of Duty mobile [Detailed Guide]


Call of duty mobile is one of the most awaited mobile games that is finally out for mobile players. Beta testing started in various countries in the previous year. On the 18th of May, they released their beta testing for Indians also.
Call of Duty mobile

However, not all the devices received the beta-testing version, even if they have pre-registered for this game.
Call of Duty Mobile that is also known as Legends of War is the mobile version of the most favorite PC and console’s multiplayer game, which every PC gamer has played.
In this article, we are going to discuss:
  • What are the requirements?
  • How to download COD and install properly
  • How to fix errors.
  • What to do after installing the game
  • What are the unique features of this game
  • GAME MODES in Call of Duty Mobile and
  • Various other things that you should know
In addition, we will be updating it continuously as more detail emerges.
Let us start with a brief history of COD (Call of Duty)
Call of duty is a first-person shooter game whose 1st part was released for PC back in 2003 after which this game gained so much popularity that they release the 4thpart of this series for PC which is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in 2018. They have also released many other games of these series apart from the storyline. You can enjoy it both online and offline with great shooting experience.
If you are shooting game lover then this is much recommended to you if you have not played this game yet.

Recommended Requirements of Call of duty mobile:

  • Best internet connection
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 5 GB Storage

If you fulfill this recommended requirement of the game you can play a lag free game at 60 FPS.

Minimum Requirements of Call of duty mobile:

  • Good internet connection
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 or 2.5 GB Storage

You can still play in low settings with these specs but your gameplay will be a little bit choppy and may experience lag sometime.
I will tell you later how to play if you get an error like “This device does not meet the minimum requirements”.
I have played this game in 2 GB RAM phone and I will tell you how you can also play in low specs phone.

How to Download and Install Call of duty

If you have pre-registered for Call of duty then you can easily download it from the play store or app store. 
All you have to do is to open your play store with the Gmail you have pre-registered. 
Then you will see a notification click on that and you will be taken to the Call of duty page from where you can install the game by clicking the install button.
But what if you have forgotten to per register for the game?
You don’t have to worry you can still play the game, how?  However, there are many ways; some of the ways are mentioned below.
  • Download from any other website:
Many websites out there provide APK + OBB file of the game for free you can download from these sites and install it in your device.
If you have downloaded the APK and the OBB separately then first install the APK and then copy the OBB file from the download folder and paste it in the OBB Folder (internal storage > Android > OBB)
If you have downloaded, the APK and the OBB together (in ZIP file) then follow the following steps:
STEP 1: Download an application that is ZArchiver. It will help you decompress the file you have downloaded.
STEP 2: Download and open ZArchiver and locate download folder where you have downloaded the file.
STEP 3: Click the downloaded file and from the popup menu click Extract to ./<Archive name>/
STEP 4: Open the extracted folder here you will see an APK file and an OBB file.
STEP 5: Install the APK and then Long Press the OBB file.
STEP 6: Now cut the OBB, open Android folder then the OBB folder, and paste it (click the green button below)
Now close all the applications, launch Call of Duty Mobile, and enjoy the game.
Some of the well-known websites and links from where you can downloadboth APK and the OBB are mentioned below I have not tested for this game but I have downloaded most of my games from these websites.
  • Share this game from your friends: (Tested Method)
There may be some friends around you may have pre-registered for this game and they might have installed it already.
You can take it from your friend by using SHAREit or Xender both are the best data transfer application.
Ask your friend to send you both the APK and the OBB file of the game, which is located in the OBB folder.
After taking from them, install the APK then copy the OBB from the SHAREit folder, paste it in the OBB folder, and then start the game.
  • Take someone’s Gmail who have pre-registered: (Tested Method)
What if all your friends near you failed to register for Call of duty and no one has downloaded it, and what if you don’t have any gamer friend nearby or any the above method does not work for you.
Then, in that case, ask for the Gmail from your friends who have pre-registered for the game.
You can log in from their website and download the game in your device.
To login with their Gmail and password: go to settings > Accounts > + add account > Google.
Now enter the correct Gmail and password to log in successfully.

How to fix errors you are facing:

Keep in mind that this game is still in its beta phase that means you will be facing various kind of errors of which no solutions have been found yet.
  • Black screen Error
This is one of the errors many players are facing, who have downloaded the file from other sources or from any link.
You are facing this problem because you have not pasted the OBB successfully, maybe you have pasted it in the wrong folder or you may have pasted in the right place but with the wrong name.
You have to paste it inside OBB folder only and if your mobile does not have any such folder then you have to create an OBB folder inside the Android folder.
After that paste, the OBB you have downloaded in that folder and also make sure the name of the OBB is com.activation.callofduty.shooter
If that file has any other name then rename it with the name above and then you are ready to play the game.
  • You have pre-registered but you cannot install the game.
Not everyone is getting install option though they have registered early. Friends of mine have registered 1 week before me but they all did not get install option that I got early.
Not everyone who has registered has the beta so I recommend you to install the game from the methods mentioned above if you want to play and test the game.
  • Location error or network error:
First, you will have to keep retrying for a few times and your network error problem will be solved.
If your game is still showing location or network error then the best you can do is install any VPN and connect yourself to India location then you will be able to install and play and enjoy the game in its beta phase.
Some of the well-known VPN’s are CM VPN, Jet VPN or HotspotShield.
  • The device does not meet the minimum requirement:
So you are also getting this error, I mean you are not alone. I also face this problem and found a trick by which you can play the game.
First, I must tell you that I play on Moto E3 Power phone, which is a 2 GB, RAM phone and MediaTek processor.
If you are getting this error then make sure you have installed the game properly and you are not getting any other error except this.
Now switch off your data connection and then launch the game. Wait for some time to shows an error messages do not switch on your data connection before that.
errors in call of duty mobile
After they show an error like the image shown above, switch on your data connection and click retry, for the first time, it will take some time to unzip some of the resources and then your game will start.
Either you can play as a guest or you can log in with your Facebook account.
Select your name and logo and start playing and enjoying the game.

What to do after installing the game:

If you are here then this means that you have successfully installed the game without any error.
Now all you have to do is select your name, logo, and drive into a small tutorial.
This tutorial will make you familiar with all the options and buttons and their purpose.
You have to play a deathmatch in the tutorial, finishing it will reward you with a grenade, which is necessary for the game, and with a holographic sight.
After you have completed your tutorial, go to the message section and collect the rewards you will be getting weapon exp card and 5000 CP (I will explain their use later in this article)
gifts in call of duty mobile
After collecting COD POINTS go to battle pass option in the main screen and buy any of the two you can choose 800 CP and buy skins with remaining 4200 CP.
Now go to the settings and change them according to your need, change the sensitivity and the controls for better gameplay.

What are he unique features of this game?

  • Customize your unique loadout
Call of Duty allows you to customize your Loadout and include what goes best with you. You are free to choose anything you like from guns to attachments.
Other game does not allow making changes to the Loadout what given is given no changing. This is what I liked about this game.
  • Competitive ranked play and clans
This game has a unique rank up system you have to play a competitive match and use your unique skills to rank up higher in the list. 
Also, play with your friends and clan mates to win exciting in-game prizes.
  • Built and optimized for mobile
This game is built keeping in mind the low and high-end devices and optimized accordingly. The most famous PC game is built especially for mobile users with amazing graphics to give its users a unique shooting game experience.
Though it is in beta mode, you will experience several lags and problems but the developers are working hard to make this game more optimized for every device. 
  • Popular weapons, maps, and characters
This game consists of many advanced and popular weapons that you can carry with yourself into the multiplayer games.
You can enjoy this game in many unique maps, which are inspired from the PC version of this game the maps are CRASH, CROSSFIRE, NUKETOWN, KILL HOUSE and HIJACKED.
Characters can be customized as it suits best for your look.
  • Auto Shoot and auto aim
There are two modes of shooting in the game one of them is “simple” that allows you to shoot automatically when you place the crosshair into your enemies bodies you will see a slight delay in shooting if you chose to shoot automatically.
The other one is manual where you have full control over the shooting you can choose to shoot when you want and when not to.
I prefer manual over simple as I have full control on my hand. Only I can decide when to shoot.
  • Play with friends
You can add your friends to your list and play with them you can also communicate with your friends while playing to increase your chances of winning.
You can also send an experience card to your friends and your friends can send you too.

GAME MODES in Call of Duty Mobile

There are 2 game modes available and 1 is coming soon, they are:-
  1. Multiplayer
  2. Battle royal
  3. Zombie mode(coming soon)


Under multiplayer mode, you get to choose whether you want to play a normal match, ranked or private
If you choose to play a normal match then you can increase your level but your rank will not increase but in a ranked match, both our rank and level will increase. 
In a normal match, you can choose various modes like domination Deathmatch or others you can also select the map you want to play in.
However, in case of a ranked match, you can choose neither the map nor the mode you like, you will have to play Team Deathmatch in a random map.
In private mode, you get to create a room where you can invite and play with your friends and can choose to play against each other but make sure you have an equal number of players in both the sides to start the match.
There are various modes under multiplayer normal matches also, they are:-
  • Frontline
You have to kill the players in the opposite team and the team to reach a certain point wins the game. 6 to 10 players can play this game. Moreover, every time you die you will spawn at your own base only.
  • Team Deathmatch  
It is the same as Frontline but in this mode, you will be spawned at a different location every time you die. Only 6 to 10 players can play this mode.
  • Search & destroy
In this mode, you have to defend and destroy the objective and you will not be able to respawn again if you get killed.
  • Search & Destroy Casual
This is the same as Search & Destroy but has a little bit difference; here you will be able to use your special skills
  • Domination
In domination mode, you have to capture designated position to gain points for your team, after capturing you have to hold that position also otherwise you will lose points.
  • Hardpoint
It Is very similar to domination except here you will have to capture and hold the hardpoint to gain points.
  • Free-For-All
You can say it is a Deathmatch but you have to play solo

Battle royal

If you have played PUBG mobile then you will know very well what battle royal mode is.
In this mode, you will have to drop on an island with 100 other players, kill, loot and survive is the main goal of this mode.
You can play solo duo or in the squad with your friends or with random players
You will see a wide variety of guns and vehicles in this mode, which will help you, survive until the end.
The unique thing about this game is that even if your teammates are dead you can bring them back by collecting their DOG TAG from their dead crates.
This feature is not introduced by any other battle royal game until now.

What is C and CP in Call of Duty Mobile?

C stand for credit points that used to buy various things it is just like BP coins in PUBG Mobile.
CP stands for COD POINTS that are very much important in the game it is like UC cash in PUBG Mobile.
I gave you a reference with PUBG mobile because it will help you know the value much better.

What is BR MODE and MP MODE?

BR stands for battle royal whereas MP stands for multiplayer you can see different settings for both the modes.

Weapon Exp Card

weapon exp card in call of duty mobile
Currently, there are 3 types of weapon experience card
  • Green
Green card increase experience by 50 points and it cost 100CP in the store.


  • Blue and
Blue card increase experience by 100 points and it cost 200CP in the store.


  • Violet
Violet card increase experience by 500 points and it cost 400CP in the store.
Weapon experience card used to increase the experience of your weapon.
By increasing your weapon’s experience, you can unlock various optics and attachments that will help your gun to be more stable, quick reload, increase accuracy, increase firing range and menu more.


loadout in call of duty mobile
The tutorial makes you very much familiar with the multiplayer loadout but I will explain some advance things here.
Loadout is a very important place if you want to win a multiplayer match. Customizing the loadout is very important before entering a match.
First select the gun in which you are good at if you are good at sniping you should take sniper with you but mostly you will have close range combat this is why it is necessary to take an assault or an SMG with you as a primary weapon.
You get a knife as your secondary weapon that is very important in very close range. Later you will get a rocket launcher and a pistol to choose from.
On the right-hand side of the loadout, you can choose a soldier and their headgear, backpack, clothing, and suit.
Next, choose an operator skill if you have unlocked it. It’s a special weapon you will get to use after a period into the game.
Then select a lethal weapon and a tactical weapon that will help you during the match if used properly.
The bottom tire is of PERKthat is very much important this is why you should choose them wisely. They can reduce the damage received and increase health recovery rate, they can also increase movement speed can save you from your enemies in many ways.
You can also select the EMOTES you want to display also the guns and vehicles skins.

Please keep in mind that the beta server will be wiped after the beta testing ends, all your game progresses your data and your in-game currency will be wiped off.
So use all your currency provided as a gift to you before beta testing ends.


So, friends, I tried to cover up everything I could in this article about Call of duty mobile. I believe this will help you to play well. If you still have any doubts or any problem then you can comment down below I am here to help you.
Also, make sure to share it with your friends so that they also, get to know about this and solve any problem if they are facing.
Your shares are highly appreciated.


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