PUBG Mobile UC | Play Store BUG Get Free 8,100 UC In PUBG Mobile



PUBG Mobile UC – New Trick to Get UC for Free In PUBG Mobile,  Loot the UC for Free and get the Royal Pass of season Season 6 Totally Free of cost.

PUBG Mobile free UC Play Store BUG Get Free 8,100 UC In PUBG Mobile

Hello, my fellow readers, the trick has been stopped i.e. the glitch has been fixed by the pubg developer team so for those who used this trick I am sorry. I have already warned you in this article but it’s my duty to inform you again about the consequences.
So, please don’t try this anymore as this will not be working. 
and for those who used this trick do not need to worry just unlink your Gmail account with your pubg account for some time.

from the bottom of my heart and please stop using this trick anymore.

Hello and welcome to a new trick to get free UC in PUBG mobile in my previous article onFree UC Trick for PUBG Mobile” the trick we used in that article was not much effective to some of you so, I am back with another great way to get free UC so that you can buy Season Royal pass for absolutely free.
On the previous article the trick we used we had to pay 40 rupees to get UC but in this trick, you don’t have to pay anything except for a little patience.  
For this trick, you are going to need a few things which are going to help you in this process. 
Requirements – 
§Few Gmail Accounts.
§PUBG Mobile Game. 
§Account in PUBG.
§Good Internet Connection.
If you are successful to get all of these then you can proceed to the steps you need to follow to get Free UC. All you have to do is read these steps carefully and do no mistakes. so let’s dive into our main topic.
How Get Free UC? 
1. First, go to the play store then scrolls down through the home page and you’ll see ₹140 banner like in the image below.
PUBG Mobile free UC Play Store BUG Get Free 8,100 UC In PUBG Mobile
2. If you didn’t find any banner like this you can check manually that if you’re eligible for this offer or not. Keep in mind that not all Gmail accounts are eligible to avail this offer so you have to try other Gmail accounts also.
3. Now to check your eligibility manually open play store (if not opened already) click on the top left corner beside Google play, click on account then go to reward section and click on REDEEM PROMO CODE
4. On the screen that popped up Paste this code:- 
5. If you’re Eligible for Offer you’ll see a popup of ₹140 off coupon 
6. And if you’re not eligible you’ll see a message like the image below
PUBG Mobile free UC Play Store BUG Get Free 8,100 UC In PUBG Mobile
7. Log in with another Gmail account, and repeat the same process I have tried 6 Gmail accounts and out of them only 1 Gmail account was eligible.
8. So if you successfully got the ₹140 discount coupon then, download the Google opinion reward app if you don’t have this app already installed.

9. Remove all other Gmail accounts from your mobile except the one on which you have successfully got ₹140 coupon
How to remove Gmail account from your device:-

Go to settings -> Accounts -> Google -> click the account you want to remove -> then click on 3 dots on the upper right corner of the screen -> Remove account.
10. Now open your Google opinion rewards and enter your name and select country – the United States and enter the postal code – 10010 (don’t enter any other)

PUBG Mobile free UC Play Store BUG Get Free 8,100 UC In PUBG Mobile
12. After successfully created account on Google opinion rewards open PUBG mobile and click on UC purchase
13. Purchase UC worth ₹7,999

PUBG Mobile free UC Play Store BUG Get Free 8,100 UC In PUBG Mobile

14. Click on continue, and click on confirm, you’ll see a pop-up as payment successful click on yes, always and click on ok and then 8,100 UC will be credited to your account immediately.

PUBG Mobile free UC Play Store BUG Get Free 8,100 UC In PUBG Mobile
15. If you see insufficient balance, click on redeem code and enter the promo code again –
16. Done, you’re payment will be successful, and 8,100 will be credited to your account 
Do the same process again and again to get the more UC 😊
Note – if you already created Google opinion rewards account with your Gmail account before, then you’ll will not able to buy.
This offer is a temporary play store may fix this soon.

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Proof —
PUBG Mobile free UC Play Store BUG Get Free 8,100 UC In PUBG Mobile
Final Words —
I hope you guys like the article if this article helped you in any way then share with your PUBG friends and also with those relatives that play PUBG and let them also, enjoy the biggest pubg mobile loot | free UC share & support us.
Caution: although this is a bug by the play store your account may get in trouble so please proceed at your own risk. Although I have tried it on my other account ( not on my main PUBG account) and it’s working fine.



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