5 unique ways to download YouTube videos you wish you knew before


How to download videos from YouTube for Free

How to download videos from YouTube for Free
download YouTube videos Until and unless you are living in a different world or have been out of the social world you will know what YouTube is,
And if you are from a different world or have been out of the social world then let me tell you What is YouTube.
YouTube, LLC is an American video-sharing  website.
YouTube allows you to upload, view, rate, share, add to favorites, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users. It offers a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media videos.
Available video content on YouTube includes video clips, TV show clips, music videos, documentary films, movie trailers, live streams, and much other content such as vlogging videos, motivational videos, and educational videos.
Most of the content on YouTube is uploaded by individuals, but media corporations such as CBS, the BBC, Vevo, and Hulu offer some of their news material via YouTube as part of the YouTube partnership program.
[Source: Wikipedia]

What is the Main Purpose or Feature of YouTube?

YouTube can be used for various reasons, some use it to share knowledge while some use it to sell their products and earn money.
Besides these reasons, you can use YouTube for many other Purposes like:-
1. You can search and watch videos online.
2. You can create your personal YouTube channel.
3. Upload videos to your channel

4. You can like/Comment/share other YouTuber’s videos.

5. You can subscribe/follow other YouTube channels.
6. You can create a playlist to organize videos and group videos together.

Why Do People Like YouTube more than other video platforms?

YouTube has been always free to use service and can be of a great space for all age groups for discovering or knowing new things.
People like YouTube more than other video platforms because they can watch music videos, comedy shows, how to guides, recipes, hacks and more for free on YouTube.
They also use this video-sharing service to follow their favorite vloggers (video blogger) and subscribe to other YouTubers and celebrities in which they are interested in.
By now you know what is YouTube and why it is mostly used.
But in this busy world, you don’t have all the time to watch a video and whenever you have time you may not have access to the internet or you find that your internet is not working.
This is why you should download your videos offline so that you can watch them whenever you want.

What are the advantages of downloading a video?

1. No buffering:-
The white ring which rotates round and round in between a video and irritates you is called buffering, it happens because your watching speed is faster than the loading speed.
If you download a video you can watch the whole video without any internet, interruption, and irritation.
2. Watch anytime:- If you watch a video online you need to have a good internet connection, time and patience (because of buffering) all at a time.
But if you have a busy schedule then you download a video offline and watch it anytime you want without having a good internet connection and patience.
3. No ads:- Whenever I watch a video online I have to wait for 1 to 2 minutes to watch a 5 minutes video all because of the ads which they show before their video sometime they can be skipped, but sometimes there are no skippable ads and I have to watch the full ad to watch the video I want.
Sometimes they have ads in between videos and they destroy the mood of watching videos. That’s why I download the video I want so that I can watch the full video without any ads interruption.
I hope these are enough reasons to let you know why you should download a video offline.
And if you still don’t want to download the video then you may have all the time in this world and you have very high patience which I don’t have.

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Where can you save videos?

If you are downloading a video from the YouTube app then you can save it offline in your Android device but you can’t share it with others from there.
And if you are downloading on your mobile or Android device directly without any app then you can save it in your gallery and you can also share the video with others from there.
And if you are downloading the video in your PC/computer/laptop then you can save it in your hard drive, CD or any external storage.

Where do you want to download?

Now you have to decide where do you want to download your video whether in Android, PC, laptop or iPhone, because YouTube app’s download mechanism is different from mobile and PC download.
So you have to decide the platform in which you will be downloading your video.
By different mechanism I mean the method of downloading is somewhat different, though the way of downloading is the same.

How to Download videos on mobile?

There is no single way of getting down your video offline.
I will be shorting the way in 2 different categories
1st: Without any Apps, nd

2nd: With the help of Apps.
The ways to download YouTube videos without using any apps are:-
1.  Super saver SS:-  This 3rd process is just like the 2nd process but here you have to add SS not between YouTube but before the word YouTube.
Like: https://m.ssyoutube.com/
And all the remaining steps are the same as above.
Step 1: all you have to do s add ss before YouTube in the address bar.
Step 2: select the quality and start downloading.
How to download videos from YouTube for Free SS method
Voilà your video is downloaded

2. Power of “magic” 

The word magic is so powerful that it can help you download a video for free. How?

Follow the steps below and don’t skip any steps otherwise you won’t understand.
Step 1: Copy the download link of the video you wish to download.
Step 1.1: To copy download link in YouTube app click on share then copy the link, and your link will be copied.
Step 2: Paste the link you copied in step 1 in your favorite browsing app.


Step 3: Once you pasted the link then click GO.
Step 4: Click on the address bar.
Step 5: Type magic in between You and Tube.
Like: https://m.youmagictube.com/
Step 6: After typing magic in between you and Tube click GO
Step 7: you will be redirected to fetch tube site, click on “load option” button.
Step 8: After clicking on “load option” wait for 5 seconds, then a list of different quality of that video will appear.
Step 9: Here all you have to do is click   ” Click here to start”
Step 10: click on the 3 dots and start downloading your video.
Voilà your video is downloaded again

The ways to download YouTube videos using apps are:-

1. Save video offline in YouTube App:-
To save a video offline open the YouTube app -> start the video you wish to download -> click on Download -> select the quality and then click ok.

Difference between saving and download

The function of saving and download is completely different.
You can click “save” to save it in playlists, not for offline viewing. By saving you can watch it later but you need to have internet.
Download help you to save the video offline and you don’t need to have the internet to watch it later.
2. Using VidMate App:-
You can download any kind of video and movie from this app. Just play the video you want to download them click the download button. Select the quality and enjoy downloading.
One good feature of this app is if you copy any link you can download it using VidMate app.
Download VidMate from the download button below.
3. Using SnapTube App:-

Here in this app, you can not only Download YouTube video but also Facebook and Instagram videos.

Click Yellow download button select whether you want to download as music or video then select the video quality and start downloading.
Download SnapTube from the download button below.


Other ways to download videos:-

There are many other ways to download videos but they are not always that effective in all situations.

Just like you can’t kill an elephant with a needle and a mosquito with a sword, you can’t download a 3min video with a 3hr movie downloading the app.

So it is very important to select the best download way to download the type of video you are going to download.
1. Torrent:-

Torrent is the best peer to peer downloading the app where you can download any kind of movies, videos, software, songs or images.
But the link to download in the torrent site always doesn’t work so it’s better not to download a 3 min video from the torrent wasting 10 min of your valuable time.

I will write a detailed article letter on how you can download anything from torrent where you can learn how you can download using torrent also.
2. VPN(Virtual Private Network)
You can also download anything from VPN sites but the downloading speed is very slow in VPN sites so I will not recommend you to download from any kind of VPN.
3.  Directly searching on Google

Yes, you can directly download anything searching from the Google but the link provided in those sites are either very old or is a fraud. So just so searching for any video directly in google until and unless you are experienced with it.

How to download videos on a PC or laptop.

You can download easily following the Magic and SS method all the process is same except you don’t have to copy and paste anything just writhe “magic” or “SS” and start downloading in your PC or laptop.
I can’t show you how to download in PC because of 2 reasons, first I don’t have a PC(just kidding) and second because the process is similar to mobile download.

Now the question is which method you liked the most and was easy for you comment below which way you tried and worked for you.

*Please note that the purpose of this article is just to share knowledge and not to promote any type of illegal content.
and if you have any doubts regarding this topic feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below I will answer them all. hope you have a good day.


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