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PUBG Crew Challenge 2019 [UPDATED]: FULL DETAILED GUIDE – If you have updated PUBG mobile to 0.11.0 then you must have started enjoying the Zombie mode but as many players find it difficult to survive the Zombie mode I have written an article on “How to fix Lag and Ping problem in PUBG Mobile.”  If you have been playing recently then you might have seen PUBG crew challenge besides India Bonus Challenge and now must not be wondering what it is, because this challenge has already been seen in the game.

In this article, I will tell you what are the things that have changed since the last crew challenge and I will also tell you:-

  1. What is the crew challenge?
  2. Requirements of crew challenge
  3. How to register into crew challenge
  4. Matches– Date and time
  5. Scoring, and
  6. Rewards

1. What is  PUBG crew challenge?

Crew challenge is not like star challenge where you have to go somewhere to participate in the challenge. Here in the crew challenge you and your crew will compete with other crews and the crews with the highest point will qualify for next round. here your target is to survive till the end and get the highest kill possible. if you have participated in the previous crew challenge then you may know how important it is to score the highest point so let’s see the requirements and dates on which you have to play and also what are the reward this time.

2. Requirements 

1. First of all, you need to be in a crew to participate in this challenge.
2. Your crew should have at least 4 players. And each crew can have a maximum of 6 players only because a match can only be started with a minimum of 4 players.

3. If your crew has six players then only four players will be able to play in each match.
4. Matches do not need to be played in the Mobile device only you can play using emulator also.
5. If playing with the emulator you will be matched with emulator players only and not with Mobile players.


3. How to register into PUBG crew challenge

registration closed

1. Only the leader of the crew can register in the crew challenge.

2. Click the trophy button in the bottom of the lobby then crew challenge then click register.

3. Select TPP or FPP(this can’t be changed letter)

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4. Then select the best server or the server with the lowest ping to have a lag free game.

5. Playing mode(TPP or FPP) and the server cannot be changed afterward so select wisely.

6. A leader needs 3000 BP to register.

4. Matches

  1. Each team can participate up to 12 matches and will be ranked based on best 8.
  2. There will be only four matches per day in qualifying round
  3. Three matches per day in the preliminary round and
  4. Four matches per day in finals.


4 matches per day
3 matches per day
4 matches per day
10th May to 19th May
22nd May to 26th May
31st May to 1st June

Tournament time period:- 
The timing of matches are:-
1st match from 6:30 IST to 7:30 IST
And 2nd match from 8:30 IST to 9:30 IST
You can either play both the matches or any one of the matches.

5. Scoring

1. The result is calculated based on each teams ranking and kills.
2. Each kill earns 15 points.
3. A team should focus on both ranking and kills.
4. First place in each match will get 500 points.

6. Rewards

Winner will get 2000 challenge coin, PUBGM Dominator title, Riveting set for 60 days and a Pan skin for 60 days

2nd place will get 1400 challenge coin, PUBGM warlord title, Lumberjack Set and Halloween Graffiti – Kar98 skin(60 days).

3rd place will get PUBGM warlord title 1000 challenge coin and a Lumberjack Set.

Rank 4-5 will get 700 challenge coin and a PUBGM Warrior title and a Mountaineer set.

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Rank 6-10 will get 500 challenge coin PUBGM warrior title and a Mountaineer set.

And by completing PUBG crew challenge’s achievements players will also get silver fragments and coupons.

PUBG Crew Challenge 2019
That’s all in this crew challenge I wish you all the best for you matches hope you perform very well.
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there are still many doubts related to Crew Challenge you ask me so here I will try to answer all your questions so that you have no doubts. And if you still have any question regarding this you are welcome to comment I will definitely give replies to all.
  • Is tablet allowed in pubg mobile tournament?
ANS: Yes, all type of devices are allowed in the tournaments.

  • Are emulators allowed in the crew challenge in PUBG Mobile?
ANS: Absolutely, many of my friends play using the emulator. but the problem is you will be playing against emulator players only and not with mobile players.


  • What are the benefits of playing crew challenge in pubg?
ANS: I have already mentioned all the rewards you will get after playing crew challenge. your hard work will not go in vain.
  • Why can’t I register my crew into PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge? When I click in the trophy > crew challenge option, it only shows me the winning team. Right now, it’s the 5th season.
ANS: This is because the registration period has ended. and matches are started this is why it is showing only the winning teams, not the registration form.
  • How do I play the PUBG MOBILE crew challenge on an emulator?
ANS: If you play your regular games in the emulator then all you have to do is make a group of 4 to 6 emulator players and register yourself for the challenge.
If you have any other question regarding this don’t forget to comment.


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